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The Tanking Hand Build For End Game [PvE StamDkTank-Homestead]+small video

Hello there, this tank build is for those tanks out there that don't exactly have best in slot gear such as Lunar Bastion or Alkosh gear or maybe you have a DPS/Healer character and have decided to make a tank this build can help. this build might not be for beginners as gear may not be easy to get at first unless you already had other characters made that can get this gear.Remember just because you are tank doesn’t mean its about just you your job is supporting the group and living long as possible for your group

-you like tanking
-buffs for team
-somewhat easy to play
-you can tank everything EVERYTHING!(for trials it can be used as an off tank :) )

-you barely do any damage cause tank
-Don't be a vampire fire bad
-hard to get gear cause RNG
-Expensive enchantments and upgrades
-need to do certain amount of PvP for skills(i recommend you getting lvl 6 in pvp skill lines lvl 4 is the minimum)

my first attempt at a youtube video i tried the written guide is better :^)
Image of the gear you want

Explanation on gear
First off let us start with Blood Spawn, it is such an amazing monster set for every tank you get ultimate and resistances from getting hurt the ultimate generating is awesome and the stam regen on the first piece of the monster set is somewhat useful out of combat since you don’t regenerate stamina from blocking, next up we have the Ebon set what makes this set great is the 5-piece bonus of giving your allies 1k HP when near you which will help them with survivability(Ebon set does not stack with other people’s Ebon set), and now the third set Akaviri Dragon Guard this set is in my opinion awesome and I find it ten times better than Tava’s Favor this set gives magicka regeneration which is very nice we need it and its 5-piece bonus of 15% ultimate cost reduction is amazing this with blood spawn and your DK passives you will generate ultimate very nicely. The entire set up will be 7H just because having all pieces being heavy makes you tanky. Alternative you can always switch out Ebon for Imperium set, Imperium set I say is more for trials if some one already has Ebon in your trial group the set is to give your allies a shield with that 5th piece bonus combo that with Lord Warden you are making the entire group sustainable as you are giving not only you resistance but everyone around you.

Explanation on Traits and enchantments
First off our gear is mixed our big pieces are infused while the small pieces are divines
Infused will help the the tri-stat glyphs by giving you more resources and divines will help with your mundus stone giving you more magicka back., next we have our jewelry the traits are all healthy as it only comes in healthy which is what we want and the enchantment you want on all 3 jewelry pieces is block cost reduction so you can keep on blocking, now our one handed weapons will be defending just so you can receive those resistances with the enchantment of crusher to reduce enemy resistances, and finally our shields they will have to be reinforced for that extra armor and the enchantment just being max stamina not much needed to say on shields.

You want to use the mundus stone The Atronach for magicka recovery and dump every attribute point into stamina, you want to use purple tri-stat food for the resources and tri-stat potions for resources back.

Buffed(eating food)resistance looks low but you will get a lot of that in combat trust me you will go over 31k

Skill bar 1
1.Heroic Slash (S&B skill)
2.Pierce Armor (S&B skill)
3.Harden Armor (Draconic Power skill)
4.Echoing Vigor [if you don’t have Vigor Green Dragon Blood (Draconic Power skill)
5.Absorb Magic (S&B skill)
Ultimate:Magma Shell (Earthen Heart skill)
—-Explanation on skill bar 1
Skill bar one will be our main bar it will be used for your benefits, Heroic Slash will give you minor heroism giving you ultimate generated over time, Pierce Armor is a must have as it’s your main taunt not only that it breaks a lot of resistances on who you are taunting, Harden Ward this skill must be kept on at all time when in combat it will give you Major Ward buff making you very tanky with the resistance you are given by this buff. Now our last skill Absorb Magic this skill is used for its passive of giving you 8% block cost reduction which is very nice, finally the ultimate Magma Shell this ult makes you very tanky reducing incoming damage from enemies, giving your allies a huge shield to protect them and you do minor damage to things around you also comes in handy when you are near death it will give you your resources back cause of DK passives also Green Dragons Blood is your self heal based of missing HP and gives you extra healing received better to have Echoing Vigor if you don’t have this skill yet Green Dragons Blood is a good place holder.

Skill Bar 2
1.Igneous Weapon (Earthen Heart skill) [can be swapped for Inner Rage(Undaunted skill)]
2.Choking Talons (Draconic Power skill)
3.Unrelenting Grip(Ardent Flame skill)
4.Igneous Shield (Earthen Heart skill)
5.Absorb Magic (S&B skill)
Ultimate: Aggressive Horn(Assault Skill) [can be swapped with Standard of Might(Ardent Flame skill)]
—–Explanation on skill bar 2
Skill bar two will be our group buffing/support this will allow you to help the group in a few ways first we have Igneous Weapon giving your allies Major Brutality alloying them to do more damage if an ally has self buffs that give them Major Brutality/Sorcery you can switch this skill out for a ranged taunt Inner Rage or any Damage over time ability like Noxious Breath or Venomous Claws, next up we have Choking Talons and Unrelenting Grip(chains) these two skills are a combo what you do is pull enemies to you with chains then use talons to hold them in place that way your group will AoE everything clearing the area of enemies very fast. Absorb Magic same as skill bar one,finally our ultimate Aggressive Horn this give buff you and your allies with extra resources and 15% extra critical damage for 9.5 seconds it is a must have ultimate if you have not gotten around to PvP yet you can use Standard of Might as a place holder.

Champion Point distribution
[Red]The Lady
100 Hardy
80 Elemental Defender
20 Thick Skinned

[Green] The Tower
50 Warlord
50 Magician
[Green] The Lover
50 Arcanist
[Green] The Shadow
50 Shadow Ward

[Blue]The Apprentice
100 Blessed
70 Elfborn
[Blue]The Atronach
30 Melee Weapon Expert

Top Races For Stam Tanks
6.Dark Elf
7.Argonian(I chose argonian!)

Race explanations
1.Imperials they have amazing passive of max HP(12%) and max stamina(10%) meaning more blocking more staying alive not only that but melee has a chance of giving you HP back
2.Nords they have the passives of max stamina(6%) and health recovery(20%), max health (9%), cold damage resistance and finally damage reduction(6%) that means you can tank take hits and lose less hp not only that but you have lots of health recovery some max stamina and max health very awesome for tanking.
3.Redguards the same as imperial but no health bonuses instead stamina amazing to block for long, max stamina of 10% and stamina recovery (9%)which isn't too bad but you wont get much stamina back as you are blocking most of the time and finally a chance to get stamina back with melee attack which is very nice.
4.Orcs they get max health and stamina(6% both) 20% health recovery and healing received(5%) good for tanking as healers can heal you for a lot and that HP recovery will help a lot.
5.khajiit they have health recovery(20%) which is great and stamina recovery(10%) which isn't too bad but you wont get much stamina back as you are blocking most of the time.
6.Dark elf now this is something of a balanced tank when as they have racial passives of max magicka(9% total) and stamina(6%) then they have fire resistance which is very nice. the magicka will come in handy as DK stamina tanks do need magicka for most of their skills.
7.Argonians I don't recommend Argonians much just because they don't have any stamina passive but they do have some good passives that make them great they get max magicka(3%) max health (9%) poison and disease resistance and an amazing passive of healing received and done(5%) that means if I use Vigor not only am I healing you but i'm healing you for even more that its meant to and healers heal you for a bunch of hp back to you
8. what about other races? up to you i’m not stopping you

Passives that you will want are
Medicinal use (alchemy)
All of your DK passives
All of your one hand and shield passives
All of your heavy passive
All of your undaunted passives
Fighters Guild passive Banish The Wicked
Mages Guild passive Persuasive Will
All of your Racial passives

Gear Location
Blood Spawn Helm- Spindle Clutch 2
Blood Spawn Shoulder- Maj Undaunted Chest
Ebon set- Crypt of Hearts 1 and 2
Akaviri Dragon Guard- Eastmarch chest/bosses/enemies/dolmens
Brand Of Imperium- White-Gold Tower

If you have anything to say feel free to give feedback

Edits are to fix mistakes

Edited by DaFatCookie on February 20, 2017 5:55PM
Love being an Argonian Tank and Khajiit DPS
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