Grass Is bugged

Not sure if its just myself however the grass is flickering with a black shadow :(
  • Rohamad_Ali
    Hmm haven't seen that . Have you updated your graphics drivers ?
  • RMerlin
    Grass is also very flickery for me. I wasn't sure if it was something on my end or caused by the update, since I happen to be running on a freshly reinstalled Windows, so it's the first time I log with this fresh install and Monday's patch installed.

    I'm using a Radeon RX 470, with also a new AMD video driver release (17.2.1).
  • mrlol945b16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Same here, just updated to 17.2.1 and the grass is now flickering and sometimes it becomes black.

    W7 with a r9 290
  • Cireous
    Someone mentioned in another thread somewhere that it is the 17.2.1 update that causes the flicker. They had reverted back to the previous driver to that one, and the grass flicker had stopped.
  • Gordon906
    Try turning grass and shadow off and on.
  • RiptideWanderer
    Thanks guys for the Help!
  • kyle.wilson
    Hmm haven't seen that . Have you updated your graphics drivers ?

    Sometimes having updated the drivers is what causes the problems. I distinctly remember AMD having driver issues on the AMD R9 295x2. That was why I went for the GTX980 instead.
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  • maboleth
    Just buy an NVIDIA and problem solved. :wink:
  • RiptideWanderer
    Yeah reverting back to the previous AMD driver (17.1) fixed the issue!
  • Alexium
    Sam here. AMD drivers version 17.2.1 causing grass flickering. Reported it to AMD.
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  • Sounomi
    maboleth wrote: »
    Just buy an NVIDIA and problem solved. :wink:

    nVidia is far from perfect too. They release buggy video drivers at times and don't even get me started on their shield tablet... (which I happen to be writing this on right now).
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