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Morag Tong Ebonheart (PST)

Soul Shriven
Morag Tong Ebonheart - PS4 NA (PST)

A group of friends and myself just made the jump to PS4. We're pretty casual and figuring everything out again. If you're in the same boat we'd love to have you! We're only at 11-12 members so no guild trader, store, trials or pvp but we plan on it at some point. We do however do a couple dungeons daily. Our only real requirement right now is having Ebonheart Pact affiliation on a character.

Leave your PSN below or send an ingame mail to Zues254, Polokid007 or Tommytsunamiii to get an invitation.
  • XCleverGirlx
    Kittykass66. I'm pretty new on EOS, but I learn fast and play fairly regularly ☺
  • jgirard685
    Joel_749 I also transferred to PS4 I used to be a pvp comander in my last guild before I transferred so when you feel if you want to try pvp runs I can help you guys out
    Edited by jgirard685 on March 4, 2017 10:29AM
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