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Making profit for Roleplaying

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I know Roleplaying is for fun, but besides selling dishes do roleplayers ever hold events? I mean something like a play that I could pay gold or something to watch.

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  • MAEK
    They have events, but I've never seen an rp event for an audience.
  • Cadbury
    I would love to know this as well. Coming from LOTRO where the RP community had events practically every day, I kinda miss seeing those.
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  • NocturnalGuideMe
    never heard of that. id watch that. Or at very least someone should make a Red vs Blue style sketch show
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  • Ahzek
    There is plenty of people roleplaying a war at bleakers outpost on PC EU for quite a while now, and they are getting a decent share of AP for it, you should check it out:

    Note: The first few pages are about shameful exploiters abusing a bugged resource, but the later ones contain some very interesting roleplay descriptions.
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