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How to create a normal human female body?

Trying to tweak sliders and the triangle in the creation. The problem seems to be that i can have either normal arms, or normal body. The other is always wrong.. Normal body is quite easy, but the arms look like a body builders arms and if arm size is reduce to make them look normal from side, they are like stick from behind >.<

Help, any suggestions for slider positions?

I think i need a separate upper arm slider >.<
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  • WuffyCerulei
    As a female, I'd say it's pretty normal for female to have larger upper arms than forearms. Female bodies vary greatly. One thing to say is that keep breasts and rear in proportion to her body. Larger women have large parts and whatnot. It's unnatural (since Tamriel doesn't have plastic surgeons) for tinier thin girls to have larger chests and rears.
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  • Tapio75
    Heh. i do try to make a more rounded "light reneissance" type version to fit the dutchess but at the same she should maintain a look which hints of travel and adventure around Tamriel. I find this somewhat hard to achieve, perphaps im too picky on the sliders :D
    >>Let it be known, that i clearly state my disgust about ESO turning to buy to play model<<
  • Sheyta
    Hm according to hm the world I married to a female who dont exist lol.

    O yes perfect females do exist (comment for those who say they dont)

    Wife is size thin with attributes other pay a fortune at plasticsurgery

    O yes the character builder miss alot of sliders for men also I tall but if I go there I get hands like a giant :/
  • AcadianPaladin
    My wood elf is tiny. Well, except for her ears which are as prominent at possible. Her cup size is a very early letter in the alphabet and the primary reason she even has a 'figure' is her tiny wasp waist. I view Bosmer as normally waifish, toned or even scrawny but normally not particularly busty or curvaceous. Ample bosum and curves seems quite. . . Nordic to me. :)
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