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Dunmer slavery

Hey, i am here cause i hope on some oppinions. I thought on playing an dunmer character (in the creating not near finished) who is pro slavery. Now i thought about it a bit more and i am unsure if it not makes sence to not be in the pact and be in daggerfall or aldmeri cause slavery is forbidden in the pact and cause of this reason the dunmer moved away from the pact to another alliance (thought of aldmeri cause they are at least pro slavery for goblins? And from goblins it isnt to far to argonian and maybe men?). So an dunmer who thinks that races else then dunmer and maybe else then elf are not more worth then slaves.
Would that make nearly any sence or is the hate on the other two factions bigger than that?
  • BlackSparrow
    No matter where you go, a pro-slavery Dunmer is unlikely to gain much traction.
    • Ebonheart Pact: While not all Dunmer agree ideologically on the abolishment of slavery, the Akaviri invasion forced Dunmer hands. Your pro-slavery guy is honestly most likely to find the most support among his fellow Dunmer, but the terms of the Pact currently make it illegal, no matter what the traditionalists want.
    • Aldmeri Dominion: While Altmer are known to makes slaves of "lesser races" (namely goblins), the races of men and mer seem to be excluded from that. More: in Altmer eyes, Dunmer are seen as a lesser race to an extent, what with following a false prophet, wallowing in heresy, that sort of thing. (Really, any race that isn't Altmer is a lesser race, to them.) Proposing slavery of the lesser races like Khajiit is just going to earn titters and scoffs, because you're a Dunmer and therefore less pure than the Altmer. More, Queen Ayrenn specifically is looking to serve and support the Bosmer and Khajiit in her Altmer magnanimity. Why would she allow you to enslave the races she feels are under her protection?
    • Daggerfall Covenant: This covenant is already tenuous, and all three races are very much bound by stringent laws and codes. I'm not sure about Orcs, but certainly Bretons and Redguards are just not currently culturally disposed toward slavery. More to the point, they're not going to want to hear about that from a Dunmer, whose culture is so far away from theirs.

    And this is not even touching on the practical difficulties of playing a character like this. No matter where you go, you will run into "slave races" asking for help with quests. If your Dunmer is overly focused on treating "lesser races" poorly, you'll need to be creative to justify doing a bunch of the quests.

    My advice? Go ahead and start this character off as pro-slavery. Maybe they did go to the Dominion in search of people more willing to subjugate "lesser" races. But allow this character to learn, grow, and change. Let them reluctantly befriend a certain Khajiit who pulls them out of the water. Let them grow fond of the eccentric Bosmer who helps them clear corruption out of the jungle. Have them stumble into the Academy of Altmeri Propriety and see what a "racial superiority" mindset looks like from the other side. Make theirs a story where they struggle with themselves over what makes a race "lesser" and whether the economic benefits of the practice really stack up against its ethical implications. Build a story out of it.

    That's the way I'd do it, anyway.

    Living vicariously through my characters.

    My Girls:
    "If you were trapped in your house for, say, a year, how would you pass the time?"

    Nephikah the Houseless, dunmer assassin: "I suppose I could use the break. I have a lot of business holdings now that need management."
    Swum-Many-Waters, elderly argonian healer: "I think that I would enjoy writing a memoir."
    Silh'ki, khajiit warrior-chef: "Would this one be able to go outside, to the nearby river? It's hard to fish without water!"
    Peregrine Huntress, bosmer hunter: "Who is forcing me to stay inside, and where can I find them?"
    Lorenyawe, altmer mechanist: "And why would I want to go outside in the first place? Too much to be done in the workshop."
    Lorelai Magpie, breton master thief: "I'd go nuts. Lucky for me, I have a little experience sneaking out!"
    Rasheda the Burning Heart, redguard knight: "I would continue my training to keep my skills sharp."
    Hex-Eye Azabi, khajiit daedric priestess: "I suppose it would be lucky, then, that I built a shrine to Mephala in my backyard."
    Yngva Stormhammer, nord bandit (reformed...ish): "I hate being inside even when I'm not forced to be. GET. ME. OUT."
    Madam Argentia, vampire dunmer aristocrat: "I suppose it would be more of the same. I have a rather... contentious relationship with the sun."
    Mazie gra-Bolga, orc scout: "Uh... I'd have to house train my bear..."
    Felicia the Wanderer, imperial witch-for-hire: "What Lorelai said."
    Calico Jaka-dra, retired khajiit pirate: "This one would like a rest from her grand adventures. Her jewel shop runs out of stock!"
    Shimmerbeam, blind altmer psijic: "Provided that I am confined to Artaeum, I do not think I will want for things to occupy my time."
    Shauna Blackfire, redguard necromancer: "Sounds like paradise. I hate people."
    Kirniel the Undying, cursed bosmer warrior: "I would feel useless, not being able to fight."
    Echoes-from-Dragons, argonian who thinks she's a dragon: "All the better to count my hoard!"

    (Signature idea shamelessly stolen from Abeille.)
  • Turelus
    Just pay them minimum wage, it's basically slavery.
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
    "Don't count on others for help. In the end each of us is in this alone. The survivors are those who know how to look out for themselves."
  • Totalitarian
    I'm 90% sure that slavery of Argonians is the only illegal type of slavery in the Pact. If I remember, there are quite a few quests in Stonefalls that involve dealing with enslaved Khajiits.
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  • Lynx7386
    This one would love to have a dunmer slave
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  • wakeyjimb16_ESO
    Morrowind Expansion is apparently set to include elements of the tension between 'traditionalist' Dunmer who didn't sign up with the Pact treaties and still actively continue slavery (including of Argonians). Essentially House Telvanni on the far side of Vvardenfell who are isolationist anyway and don't care about having good relations with their present 'allies' (or anyone else really).
  • RapidUrsa
    House Telvanni which will make an appearance in Vvardenfell will have slaves as is there way!
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