Casual PvP Ep based all factions welcome

"Slaughterfish Blood 'Port" is a brand new PvP guild looking for any and all players looking to have a fun while killing other players.
Whether you've been playing since launch or brand new, all are welcome to join us. The guild is Ebonheart based in its main focus which is to form tight 4-8 man groups and farm AP. We have no intention of getting together to play objectives because there are several other guilds out there that have been doing it well for very long. Instead our guild is offering a break from the mundane and looking to make use of areas in Cyrodiil that are largely ignored. AD and DC toons are welcome! So if we can't get others to play with us then we can go at each other. With the arrival of battlegrounds in the summer we also strive to organize 4v4 play in the ruins and towns and otherwise under appreciated areas of Cyrodiil.
Our goal is to have fun! The guild will make NO demands of you. We have people who are willing to mentor newer players and craft gear, potions, and enchantments for no cost other than (in most cases) materials.
Send any and all questions and invite requests via mail in-game to @Exile2112
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