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What's with Meridia? (Spoilers)

Hope this is in the right place since it's lore-related. It is for my RP character.

I'm curious about Meridia's lack of reaction to vampire characters. Lore-wise she ought to despise the undead, but doesn't appear to care whether the player is or not. Is it just because the player is useful, or special as the Vestige? Is there perhaps something special about the strain presented in the game? If Hircine's influence could eliminate the effect of the sun on vampires, could it also eliminate the effect of Meridia's ire?

Kinda curious about people's headcanon for this, or if there's something in the lore that I've missed.
  • Totalitarian
    I would say that because you're willing to help fight Molag Bal, Meridia's willing to overlook your vampirism for now.
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  • Stania
    Vampires are Molag Bal's creations, perhaps it would be very satisfying for Meridia to see him being "killed" by one of his "children".
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  • Nestor
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  • Mivryna
    That's what I was thinking. Though I've also heard the hypothesis that soul shriven vestiges (including the player) are almost like a type of Daedra, and as such it's possible that vampirism wouldn't necessarily be a form of undeath for them since they're already immortal.

    Dunno. If we assume that the Vestige is merely a useful tool, how would that translate to RP on an individual level? Would Meridia share a similar begrudging allowance for Lamae's bloodline as a whole, or is it just the Vestige?
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