Easy skill points for homestead prep - let's make a list

With homesteading coming, a lot of players are grinding up craft skills and blowing through those skill points. So I though it might be helpful to create a thread with some of the easiest, fastest skill points in the game.

Let us know your tips, but:

1. Try to list fast, easy skill points to get
2. Try to be specific about where they are, and how fast
3. Don't be a jerk. Yes, I know some smart ass is going to immediately say "go get shards". That isn't helpful.
4. Especially list any quests you know that award a point in a single segment with few prerequisites, like my example below.

My contribution:

Malala Tor - Vulkwasten/Belarata - Buyer beware: the easiest quest skill point I know. No prerequisites, about 10 minutes of work. In Volkwasten, a khajit named Batabe gives you this quest. You go to the ruin, get a guy to open a door, solve a puzzle, then kill one boss. Boom, skill point. No idea why. This awards a point.

Puzzle solution
1. For many years... 2. Gen long years... 3. So here I wait...
  • Nestor
    Hate to say it, but Shards are the main way to get skill points in the game.

    There are also the Zone Story Quests, One Point for each stage, 5 Stages. 15 Zones, 65 points total. You can clickfest through them in about 2 hours for each zone. Maybe even quicker. But, if you have not done the quests, you really should listen to the story or at least read the dialogs.

    Main Quest gives 10 (I think, there are 10 stages but not all may give SP's)

    Thieves and DB give some skill points for their quest stages, but you have to grind dailies to unlock them

    The main issue is, Traits and Motifs. Those are going to have an impact on what or how many Master Writs you get. While you can get to 6 Traits known pretty quick, 7 to 9 are going to eat up the better part of a year to complete. That is there real trick to doing Master Writs.
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  • davey1107
    The main issue is, Traits and Motifs.

    I agree. The question (which there's not a lot of feedbacl on yet) is the rarity of master writ drops and how much add'l skill knowledge adds to this. In my mind, the game could take two approaches:

    1. Consistent probability increase: if the third trait researched increases the chance of a master writ by 0.1%, the 78th trait also increases it by 0.1%.
    2. Exponential/scaled probabilities: if the third trait increases the chance by 0.05%, the 78th increases it by 2.0%. This offers increasingly powerful rewards for more experienced crafters

    I can think of examples of both styles in the game. I'm inclined to think...and I could be wrong...that ZOS wants to bring new players into the game with homesteading. This, and the fact that it can take a LOT of master writs to collect the desirable stuff leads me to believe they'll take the first approach and not handicap lower level crafters too much. I can see them giving my 9 trait master a 10% better chance at master writs...I don't see him getting a 1000% better shot. But I could be wrong.
  • Feric51
    Honestly the fastest way to get skill points is to complete the group events in the public dungeons. As long as you have an unlocked map and don't mind shelling out some gold to fast-travel from the dungeon to the next wayshrine, it's fairly easy to knock out all 15-16 in an evening.

    Coldharbour and Stonefalls seem to require the longest time in dungeon, so I usually save those for last.
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  • mvffins
    Nestor wrote: »
    Hate to say it, but Shards are the main way to get skill points in the game.

    Main Quest gives 10 (I think, there are 10 stages but not all may give SP's)

    Agree that 1) Shards and the 2) Main Quest are the easiest and most sure way to get Skill Points.
    Feric51 wrote: »
    Honestly the fastest way to get skill points is to complete the group events in the public dungeons.

    3) Killing the boss in the big non-instanced dungeon in each zone is also a must.

    I would also suggest doing all the 4) 4-man instanced dungeon quests, however some of them are buggy to the point where running them with another group flying through it would cause you to skip a step and mess it up to the point where you need to do it all over again.

    - Correct me If I'm wrong but collecting all the shards (prob do lorebooks at same time), completing the main quest, killing the delve bosses, and completing all 4-man dungeons should get you from lvl 1-50 anyways.
  • DarcyMardin
    To the OP--thanks for the tip on that Malabar Tor skillpoint. I did that area as part of Cadwell's Silver, and it turns out that quest wasn't one of the ones necessary for Cadwell. So I hadn't done it on my main. Fixed that today because of your post. Thank you!
  • Beardimus
    Agreed on the Malabal Tor SP, that's a good find.

    And agreed with all the comments , public dungeons, group dungeons, shards, etc best way
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  • davey1107
    Nobody knows of any skill points from quests as good as Belarata? Dang it...I was hoping there were some in the other factions.

    I had a seventh toon grab his last shard tonight and join my fraternity of shard and dungeon skill point completists. I was hoping there were some easy quest points out there. Well...looks like Rivenspire main story for me. Barf. Well, it's what happens when you do max crafting writs on every character.
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