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Food for leveling questions

I've read that food can make the difference between easy and very difficult leveling. Which food should I be using as I level? As a Magicka Templar do I want + Mag? + Mag regen? Not sure.

Also do I make it or buy it?

Thanks :)
  • Nestor
    Leveling Blue Recipes (two stats) are rare in the game, but can be found by doing Provisioning Writs. For a Caster, Health and Magic is a good combo. Witchmother's Brew or Potion, I forget which, boosts heath, magic and magic regen and that recipe is not rare and sells pretty cheap in the guild stores (like 500 Gold) and that would be a good way to go. Plus, it won't use up a bunch of skill points unless you need them to make higher levels (not sure on that, I am maxed) But the finished product is supposed to scale up.

    You really only need L10, L20, L30 and L40 regular foods as they scale up with you. Although they may only up 5 levels, its still good enough.

    If you can't find the recipes, someone in your guild probably has it and can make the foods. They also sell, both recipes and foods in the Kiosks and Guild Stores. I will say that investing all the skill points into provisioning while leveling your first character will make them weaker in combat, so it might be better to buy the completed foods now. Then use this character to make the foods for your alts once you have some extra skill points to spend. Again, Witchmother's may not need all the points invested to make it for all levels of character.
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  • davey1107
    Do you have issue with resources, or dps and total health?

    For me, I like addl max magic and addl max health on my magplar. But I run purple food too...stamina never hurts.

    For someone leveling, a good solution is to do Orgaza's quests in wrothgar. She's up above the Morkuldin crafting station. She runs you through several "gathering" quests, which reward a recipe at each turn in. Her recipes are specifically designed to be used for grind leveling. They are "level 1," meaning they don't require a lot of provisioning knowledge to make. They provide decent scaled resources that work well with One Tam. And the. Your character can carry them and use them forever.

    They're slightly...but just a little...less powerful,than their c150 bluemfood counterparts.

    And yes...always play with food. It makes you way more powerful.
  • mashugana
    Thank you all very much - I'll hit my Guild Traders and look for some recipes to make food for myself.
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