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Come! Answer the call - Join: The Dragonscale Dwemer! Trade / Crafting / Grouping Guild

Hello potential Dragonscales! We are a fairly new guild with a focus on trading and community. We group up often, and do various things such as trials and daily dungeons. There is usually someone in guild chat, and we do fun stuff like dueling tourneys and weekly/biweekly raffles for prizes and sometimes psn cards. There is no fee to be a part of our guild, and bank access is available for a one time, 5K donation. We hold raffles regularly, and duels are pay to enter (gold) and all money raised is for hiring and keeping our trader.

Once housing comes out, we fully intend to have a manor, or even the island as our defacto guild hall, so know we are serious about building a sting family!

We are currently looking for more memebers to help us become a stronger guild, and any input is welcomed. We want you to feel good about where you choose to call home! Send a msg in game to "Djinn1148" or leave it here, I will send invites regularly. We are currently at 103 members, and are looking forward to you joining us, too!
For the love of... Oh forget it. You've already stole it, so let's have fun!

PS4 - 15 / 15 characters
Djinn Z - PVP - Random Nightblade Build
Djinn Vi - PVE - Pet sorc (Summoner)
Dro'Humilem - PVE - Stamblade (Rampage)
Bunni Z - PVE - Stamplar (Jabsmania)
Raistlin Majere - PVE - Sorc DD (Mystic)
Richard Rahl - PVE - Health Tank (Siphoner)
Theophylaktos - PVE - Dragonknight Tank (Catalyst)
Heka the Goddess - PVE - Templar Tank (Paladin)
Jessica Rabbit - PVE - Dragonknight DD (Venom)
Warden Frostangla - PVE - Warden DD (fire and ice)
Carra the Emulsifier - PVE - Templar DD (Beamplar)
He-man - PVP - Stam Warden (Spectre)
Radelia Umexidor - PVP - Bow Gank (Silencium)
Katarina Death Bringer - PVP - Magicka Nightblade (Zerg Bomb)
Mazakeen the Lilim - PVE/PVP - Stam sorc
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