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Night Mother's Gaze vs Spriggan's

Was comparing NMG set to Spriggan's and wondering what would be better?

Spriggan's gives a flat constant value, which might be good for builds with fairly low crit chance.

Would NMG be better for high crit build, and does it stack with itself? If it doesn't stack with itself i would say this set is pretty useless solo compared to spriggans, 4000 flat penetration.

Although NMG could still be useful in a group or trial setting with many physical based DPS, as it reduces armor for everyone. not only yourself.
  • Taleof2Cities
    It's possible to craft as many NMG pieces as you want for your character ... up to 11 weapon and armor slots. But, only 5 pieces of the set count towards the active stat sheet. So, two 5-piece NMG sets is a no go. You can stack the crit chance on a similar 5 piece set with NMG (for example Kvatch Gladiator).

    For PvP, stacking crit shines in the non-CP campaigns (Azura's Star, Blackwater Blade). Having no CP is a natural handicap to not only crit chance calculation ... but also character stats across the board.

    But, it looks like your question is related to group PvE and trials.

    There's a point where there's diminishing returns on having too high a crit in PvE ... because other stats start to suffer (e.g. stam regen or total stamina). Unfortunately, that varies widely by character build and CP.

    I'd recommend getting yourself access to PTS ... since your question compares the sets in a vacuum. Even though players generally opt for Spriggans, you can craft a set of NMG pretty quickly in PTS. Spriggans should be available in the new PvP bags on PTS. Then, compare the stats of the two sets on the specific character and environment you're intending the question for. Might need to make a new template character if you're not NA PC.
  • mvffins
    Most people go for spriggans for the 5th effect of physical penetration. This increases damage output by up to 9 percent, and most people go for spriggans due to the fact that it is hard to make up for this extra damage as there are few other options for physical penetration compared to spell penetration:

    1) Major fracture 4800
    2) Minor fracture 2400
    3) Spriggans 4000 something
    4) Sharpened 4800

    a) Major breach 4800
    b) Minor breach 2400
    c) Spinners 4000
    d) Destro passive 2400
    e) Concentration/Light Armor passive 4000
    f) Sharpened 4800

    Excuse me if the calculations are wrong, but still the fact remains stamina users have less wiggle room for penetration which is very META atm, hence they opt for Spriggans.
    Edited by mvffins on February 2, 2017 1:38AM
  • AtraisMachina
    Its all about that twice fanged serpent brah. Way better than both nmg and sprig.
    Edited by AtraisMachina on February 6, 2017 7:23PM
  • Oreyn_Bearclaw
    For what purpose? For solo PVE or PVP, spriggins is going to be a bit more damage. For group PVE content, Spriggans is trash. One person should be wearing NM in every group with multiple stam DPS, they do not stack, and the rest will look for their penetration from sharp weapons, breach, and other support sets.
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