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Quick question about an idea

Soul Shriven
Hello all I'm a newly returning player, with my wife in tow I have come back to ESO, and the wife and I are thinking of trying to stay long term and also want to run an RP guild but our idea is....somewhat specific and I'm uncertain as to how it would work. We are thinking of doing an rp kahjiit "tribe" that also takes in other races, possibly as young children and giving them a family. And we are posting this through me so as to gauge how well recieved this would be, any advice is appreciated hope to hear soon
  • davey1107
    Hmm. So I'd have a couple of thoughts. RP guilds aren't unheard of, and there have certainly been race-based rp guilds in the game. But I think this might have declined a lot because the game has aged out quite a bit. A lot of the more casual players who wandered in when it was new aren't around as much. Guilds today seem more utility-focused, like they trade, or do trials, or pvp...very focused on core game aspects.

    But homesteading is coming, and it might bring in a lot of new players and could be a great game system to work with your idea. I can totally see setting up a guild that caters to "kid" players coming into the them a place to stay and helping them get on their feet until they go off on their own. You could set up a large house as an "orphanage" where they can hang out. Then assist them on thei way to vet. If the guild provides some assistance (advice, world runs, shard and boom runs) it'll probably work better.
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