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Traitpalooza armageddon hoedown showdown

Because of master crafting writs, I decided to ram through as much trait research as possible on nine characters. I cant say I know how helpful this will be...but the notes say trait knowledge drives master writs, and there hasn't been new content to the game in ages and it seemed fun to push hundreds of items to my bank to tear apart, and have everyone on crazy timers. It's a fun reminder of how crazy it was to track and research everything back in 2014...when everyone was racing to make the sets, and traits were so hard to find.

Also, it's the sort of silly project I Can undertake because everyone runs their trade skill lines to 50 standard, so I don't have a single line to grind there...thank god. If I had to grind nine guys' enchanting up...ugh.
  • Nestor
    Other than the Nirn stuff, it is so easy to learn traits on Alts when you have a 9/9 Crafter, just make the stuff to research. I have thought about doing it myself quite a few times over the past year and half since I obtained 9/9.

    Then I remember how long it took for the 7,8 and 9th traits and coming to grips with the idea of committing to that length of time is just, well, no. Here is the reason, Tempers. I can see my supply of precious tempers drying up just to be able to make furniture for a house that few will see, or appreciate.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"
    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

  • davey1107
    Ha...yeah. I just wanted to try cramming a bazillion items into my bank system and have everyone researching because it felt like a ridiculous thing to do. And it is. Ultimately I'll get bored, decon the whole remaining stock and go play vmsa or something.

    I've read some about homesteading...don't play the pts so I'm not 100% clear how it works. I'm not inclined to spend too much of anything on a house either. After I play the free one a bit, I might pick up one of the Baandari places if homes give you a decent place to craft, decon, etc.

    But right now I'm more interested in the inevitable housing boom. Depending on rarity, in the first days or weeks I'm guessing the going price for writs or the junk they generate will be high. If I can make a few million selling just the writ
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