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Is my processor good enough to play ESO

Soul Shriven
I went and bought my laptop without actually doing any research on the specs the game needed my processor is a Intel Pentium CPU B960 @ 2.2GHz is exactly what it says in my system settings
I attached a screenshot of my system and I would like to know what Im doing wrong I know a bit about computers but i dont know how to compare the different processors there are just to many if you could please help i would be gratefull

  • Resfeber
    Not a pro but: If you're looking to compare specs a DXDiag is much more helpful tbh. Computer basic info doesn't even include GPU which is gonna be your kicker.

    Given that you've made it to the forums I'm guessing you at least own the game, yes? One nifty thing the game's launcher does is run a nice, easy to read DXDiag for you with a little less of the filler-info: which you can compare to the requirements here:

    But yeah.... On the surface you might be low-balling. I won't judge though cause my work computer can somehow run the game on low settings.

    If you're completely new to this kinda stuff Customer Support can probably give you a run-down on whether you meet specs since they're always asking for Game Consultant files anyway. Something to do while you're waiting for a better response here.
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