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What items should I hold onto?


I'm level 12 now and I'm thinking of keeping blacksmithing and alchemy, but my bank and bag space is almost full. I've never been much of a crafter in MMO's but I do like gathering. I've heard crafted armor/weapons are much more useful in ESO compared to other MMO's, so I'll give it a shot.

So, for someone not into crafting too much am I limiting my end game usefulness by NOT crafting the other areas?

Also, what do I do with all those materials that I don't seem to have a use for? There seems to be a lot of mats I have that I can't even use yet (mainly because I don't have any recipes to make anything).

That precious bag space is making me want to NOT pick up every little thing I see.

Any advice?

  • akl77
    You definitely need to save legendary materials, all other items are easily obtainable and not expensive. Saving legendary mats will save you money down the road when you're max level.
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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    You could try rolling up an alt just to use them as extra bag space. Also if you're not subbed, consider it because the crafting bag holds all your crafting materials - everything from ore to water. And if you stop subbing it stays there, you just can't put more in.
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  • davey1107
    Use the character slots on your account to hold stuff. It's not as arduous as it sounds. Some tips:

    1. Create characters you might someday play. In other words, make a cool altmer sorc, not a fat dragon knight with an eye patch, lol. Your alts might become fighters...or remain carrying toons...or be deleted, but you might end up investing some time and energy into them so create cool toons.

    2. When you roll an alt, invest the gold to up their bag space to 80-100. Then give them a little gold and feed their mounts each time you log into them. 20,000 gold will get you 150 bag space on a toon (over a couple of months). This is a good investment.

    3. Start with two alts, one for alchemy, provision and enchanting and the other for gear and trade skill mats. Then expand if you continue playing and need even more space. You might make your gear alt your crafter, which some players prefer. This required sending them out for a lot of skill points, so they need to be able to fight...but that saves many skill points off your main.

    4. Alts don't take too much work. Move stuff to keep to your bank, then log into them daily...or even every 2-3 move stuff over.

    Some general tips about what to keep/toss:

    Gear: Have your crafter deconstruct everything except set pieces you're collecting, or items for trait research. Have them start research on junk items.

    Raw mats: save these with an alt until your crafter has spent points in extraction. Even if you pile up hundreds, better to wait since an experienced extractor pulls gold mats and other stuff from them.

    Refined mats: it's a good idea to save everything with an alt.

    Glyphs: your crafter should decon for xp.

    Runes: save all

    Alchemy: reagents, very valuable, save. Waters, pretty valuable, save. Poisons, save if you have space but easy to get.

    Style mats: pretty useful down the road. But not necessary to keep. Keep rares, discard base race style mats if you need space.

    Trait gems: keep them all if you're going to be a big crafter. If space is more important, just keep infused, divines, training, sharpened, precise.

  • acctingman69
    So I rolled an alt, but how does the 2 bank spaces get shared between the two characters? Not seeing that.

  • davey1107
    Not sure what you're asking, but characters on your account share the same central bank. To move items, shift them to the bank then log into the alt and take them out.

    You don't have ESO plus, right? That'd send items elsewhere.
  • Lukums1
    If I were you, I'd hold onto everything and cash in when housing goes live.

    Oh my god... I can't wait to see the prices of ruby and rekuta's :open_mouth:
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  • Nestor
    So I rolled an alt, but how does the 2 bank spaces get shared between the two characters? Not seeing that.


    Its a bit of a pain, but you log to the Mule, deposit in the bank, then log to other character. Nice thing is you can craft from the bank, so no need to visit the bank on your crafter. Find a bank that is not super popular to park your Mule at. Also, I have noticed that sometimes the banker in Daggerfall goes AWOL (rare but it happens) so avoid that bank for parking a Mule. Greenshade or Malabal Tor or Sentinel or Bangkori or Stormhold or Skingrad are Banks that don't have a huge population so logging in goes quicker.

    However, if your going to craft, Crafting Bags are pretty much a given. Prior to that, I had 4 Mules that did nothing but hold Crafting Mats, and these were characters with fully upgraded bag space.
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