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store motifs and mimic stones

hi, I had lots of crowns unspent from my eso plus sub, so I spent it on the Dro-m'athra, covenant style, dominion style, pactr style motifs, they all come with 5 mimic stones, and I have lots of them from before, but yet, after I have learned the motif, I still cant craft it, since I dont have any materials, so for some reason the mimic stones dont work, it just says buy crafting materials, and sends me to the store to buy mimic stones when I ie want to craft Dro-mathra, any idea why?
  • Taleof2Cities
    Did you check that you have enough refined mats to actually make the weapon or armor (i.e. enough ancestor silk for a light armor piece)?

    If you don't have enough refined mats, the piece won't "light up" at the crafting table.

    Also, if you are able to post a screenshot, that would help us forum-goers troubleshoot the issue for you.

    Finally, though it might seem obvious, double check that the character who learned the motif is the one attempting to craft.
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