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Checking Mac Pro specs

Soul Shriven
Hi, before I go and download a huge bundle of GB to play ESO with my guild (they've stopped WoW for a while), I just wanted to make sure I'll get a relatively good playing experience with my 2010 Mac Pro? Specs are

2x 2.93 Ghz 6 Core Xeon procs
48 GB ram
SSD (but game files reside on 7200 rpm drive)
GTX 680 2Gig

I can pop in a GTX 970 4Gig card which works OK with my Mac Pro.

I actually use the machine for 3D modelling and animation and architectural design but do game on it occasionally. I get 50-75 fps in WoW populated Legion areas on high settings with the GTX 680.

I ask as I've got really horrible broadband speed where I live, about 3mb and don't want to waste bandwidth downloading all the game files.

Is there any way to transfer game files between machines? My friend has a full install, could he burn the game data file to an external drive and I simply copy them across?


  • kamimark
    The GTX 680 may be weak, but even weaker Nvidia cards work fine; start with low settings and crank up when you see they work.

    You can move the files, just make sure to get ~/Documents/Elder Scrolls Online (your data) and ZeniMax Online (game data) folders.
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  • Halfloaf
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks, I'll try the 680. If it doesn't work well I'll throw in the 970.
  • Halfloaf
    Soul Shriven
    For what it's worth, my system above with the GTX 680 2GB gets avg 33 fps in most areas on Ultra settings, lower in populated zones. This is at 1920x1200 resolution with two monitors running.

    I'll try the 970 next weekend.
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