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Letters from Tamriel

Dear Mom,

I hope you are well. I feel pretty good but I lost my soul and it itches a little bit. Do not worry, I made some new friends who said they would help me get it back. One is a very tall lady named Lyris and the other is an old blind man called Prophet. They helped me leave Coldharbor which is good because Coldharbor is not a nice place. There are bad people everywhere setting things on fire and hurting people. But Prophet says we will probably have to go back because Lyris is still there and his other friends too. There was one nice man there with a pot on his head. He is funny. I hope I get to see him again.

I know that you told me not to start fights and that being a soldier is dangerous but Prophet says he needs my help to save his friends from the bad people so I will have to learn how to fight better. I found a very big hammer in Coldharbor and when I hit people with it they usually don't get up again so I think I will keep it.

When we left Coldharbor I woke up on a ship with some nice people who said that they saved me and that tomorrow we will be in Stros M'Kai! I have never seen a desert before. Also I think not having a soul makes you very hungry and Coldharbor did not have anything good to eat.

Your son, Mungro

[Inspired by a different post, thought I'd expand on it here. Let me know if anyone wants me to keep going.]
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