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ZOS, make Crafting great again!

I know this is a very discussed topic here, many players want it, i'm just pressing the button again, so "maybe" the devs put some effort on that this year(i hope). I'm aware of the time/resources sink on big updates, One Tamriel and now Homestead, i understand that.

I agree with one or other be crown exclusive, but with the current state of crafting i have no reasons to buy anything crafted related from crown store. Crafting is one of most essentials things in a RPG, and is one of my favorite features in this game(even at the current state). I gave up from collecting motifs at the moment. I considered to buy Frostcaster, but nah.

In my point of view(and many others) is a very simple thing. Redesign the sets, you don't need to make them OP, make them usable and desired again. Create a couple of new sets. Add some achievements, one or two titles, a costume(like a crafting uniform), from achieving something will not hurt. Both get happy, and players get motivated to play the content, collect things.
  • Mojmir
    Only way they'd make crafting better than drops is making it BOP. can't ask zo$ for anything without a punishment too.
  • PhxOldGamer68
    I crafted everything up to CP150 for all 8 toons. Nirnhoned gear was too rare to find to get to 9 skills. CP160 is a minor gain, yet 15 mats vs 150 mats was too much of a difference. I want to play the game, not farm for mats.

    So I started shopping guild traders everywhere and found CP160 purple sets for cheap. All 8 toons are geared with different sets of 6/6 minimum, unless I have a monster set included.

    I don't run arena, trials or dungeons so a big thank you to all those who sell their unused dropped gear.
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    IMO the massive changes to make drop sets greater in 1t were a good thing... they were... they help the game in many different ways...

    However... (key word meaning the previous was not the whole story or maybe utter BS)

    It needed to not stop there. it needed to be "finished" with the 1T crafted equip updates.

    i say this because having crafteds not keep up with drops is bad for skills that take so many skill points PLUS a massive time investment for traits and motifs.

    CONSUMABLES - they are great and crafted consumables are top-gear end game musts.

    EQUIPMENT: Not so much any more. You CAN run all drop sets and be great - not one crafted piece and you are fine - even for end game. heck maybe even for some leaderboard stuff. on the other hand you cannot be CRAFTED ONLY and say the same thing. Nobody runs ALL CRAFTED for chellenging content.

    So for me, i anxiously await the c1t crafting update thats not about epic level bedpans and legendary throw pillows.

    One thing i want to see and think needs to happen is for crafted equip to get its own unique configurations.

    1 Right now, drop sets have:
    Complete monopoly on jewels for any set.
    Complete monopoly for "monster" 1-2pc body sets.
    Complete monoploy on wpn/jewel 2-3pc sets
    Complete monoploy on 1-2pc maelstrom/master weapon sets.

    You want any of those building blocks in your build? if so, must use drops.

    2 Right now, crafted sets have:
    Complete monopoly on controlling set appearance at instant of crafting.

    thats it.

    3 Right now crafted have an advantage but not unique in:
    Choice of traits (faster to craft than grind)
    Choice of weight (some drop sets come in different weights and some can be weightless jewels and weapons but most have one fixed weight)

    4 Right now drops have the advantage in 5pc sets:
    Just simply more and more diversity for 5pc drop sets.

    i dont want for crafted to be BiS across the board - but i do want them in the running.

    What i think needs to be done is a number of things but one key is to give crafted sets some UNIQUE monopoly of their own other than cosmetics.

    See my sig for a bigger list of changes and some suggestions all stemming from 1T changes.

    But right now, when i look at my skills spent in consumable crafting vs my skills spent on equip crafting its obvious one of these is delivering more than the other and while the skill cost is similar the time was much longer for gear.

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