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Total new ESO player LF Active friendly Guild

There are so many topic here from different guilds, that tbh it's overwhelming. So i figured i would try and make a post myself so guilds that are requiting can see if i am a good fit. So to speak..
Before i go any further in this post i will say that i will have some questions about "your" guild should you find my post here interesting enough. Please set some time aside if we ever meet in game.

*I am a completely new player, i have played the game for a short week. There is allot i want to learn and get my hands on, so keep this in mind should you want to invite me. Should your guild be suitable you will find that i am fearlessly loyal to the goals of the guild and it's future. Note. By this i mean that i will do what ever i can to help and further the cause, though i will not participate in activities such as:
- Resource gathering(x amount pr month for membership) or "obligated" activities. There is power in kindness and honesty, and i for one will be a boost to the well being of the guild.
One of the things i love is to have people laugh, to genuinely feel at ease and to have a good time. To let go of their worry and just have a good time.

*In a guild i am looking for fellowship. Brotherhood and a community where i can feel at home. Preferably consisting of mature players, who respects one and another.
Members who can debate and still be friends afterwards. Players with ESO experiennce and who has a genuine desire to help others.

So thank you (if you read my post) i do love feedback on ,well anything you think i can/should improve on.
I wish you a good day.

~Do onto others more than you do for yourself~
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