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Soul Shriven
Just got an Xbox One, I live out in the sticks so I don't have access to wired internet, I use the hotspot on my phone, I've got 4G LTE service and i don't have any issues playing with any other games (destiny, battlefield 1, call of duty, GTA V, etc.). Granted my NAT Type is Strict but there is no way I have found to get that Opened. I've rooted my phone, d/l port forwarder and tried all that, doesn't seem to work. I try to play this game and it tells me I need to "connect to a valid server". Anybody going through this same exact situation? If so, please help.
  • npuk
    It sounds like the carrier may be blocking the ports need. When my fibre line drops out i us my phone as a hot spot, I just turned on personal hot spot the connected the Xbox to the phone (iPhone 6s on Three mobile 3G connection @6Mbit/s+). I did'nt change any settings or faff about with ports.

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  • NewBlacksmurf
    I'd honestly suggest finding an isp who will run a line even if it costs extra.

    Updates are 5 gig to 20 gig every 3 months just for this game.

    Just a heads up and your other issue are to call the carrier ask ask about their network
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  • Amerrill60
    Soul Shriven
    Usage is no problem. I've tried to get lines run, I'm WAY out of town, it's not gonna happen. This is my only option.
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