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[PS4/NA] Dragon Head Savages Social + Dungeon Diving Guild!

Hey guys! I just started this Ebonheart based guild (but we accept all factions for One Tamriel) and I'm currently recruiting active players on Playstation 4.
Dragon Head Savages (DHS) are ,as of right now, centered on Dungeons,Delves,and Undaunted contracts. We do PvP so don't worry about that. I want to make this guild to help players out with dungeons and delves or world bosses around the map of Tamriel and also have some fun over on PvP. I also want to have a lot of vamps and werewolves in the guild so if anyone needs a bite we have enough players for that if anyone is searching for bites (I'm currently a Vamp and give out free bites,but I was also a wolf and maxed out me skill line). My PSN ID is IAMTheOnix12 so if you havd any questions or you want to join just message me,or you can leave a reply with your PSN ID and I'll add you from there or Finnaly message me through the forums and we can talk there. I plan soon to expand into trading and have a bunch of traders and crafter's in the guild. I hope to have some you join my Guild.Happy Adventures through Tamriel!
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