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How much does your RP character fit with their race/culture/traditions/stereotypes?

I play as a male Nord, but I found that his actions and preferences don't really fit with the Nord culture. He's actually more fond of Khajiit and Imperial's (except the skooma and boring politics part heh).

I suppose some of you made a character of a certain race but you don't feel that he/she fits with said race's culture, or maybe he/she was adopted by parents of a different race.
Others may have created a backstory and personality traits, and then choose a race based on the culture that fits with the backstory.

Well... I'm curious to know about your RP characters.
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How much does your RP character fit with their race/culture/traditions/stereotypes?

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  • altemriel
    This one only talks as a khajiit and also she likes to eat fishes. But this one is unique, does not like any stereotype
    Haishi Daikodarajen, Redguard, Stamina Dragonknight, veteran, CPs around 400, Damage dealer, Huntress of Hircine
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    ""It's one thing to see your past from present memory. It is entirely another to step through the Dragon and be yourself remembering the present in the past as the future."
    - Karstine Zeterra (2E)

    Maoimii Da, Khajiit Magicka Nightblade, veteran, CPs around 400, apprentice of enchanting, damage dealer, elder vampire shade of death
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    "May you walk on warm sands!

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  • Kova
    My character is from a race but their influence is from a different race and culture. (A Khajiit that lives in trees and sticks to the green pact)
    This is an interesting topic because, as an altmer main, I always get haughty remarks and criticisms when my character sympathizes with a beast individual or opposes slavery. Usually it can be attributed to lore ignorance. In this instance, the player is confusing altmer of the 2nd era with the Thalmor of ESV:Skyrim, which in my eyes is a big no no.

    I know a lot of people like to RP with the stereotypes because it gives an easy "in" to discussions and actions, but in my opinion it's a super lazy and shallow RP experience. I think our RP should mimic reality in a fantasy setting, in such that individuals have complex personalities and personal growth. Not all americans are slingshotting burgers and guns into their mouths, just like not all Nords like knocking back mead and lifting big rocks.
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  • Rohamad_Ali
    My character has a strong influence from their culture, but has some from other cultures too.
    My character was born in Reaper's March but was moved with a family caravan to the city of Sentinel in Ali'kirr . While living in the Redguard culture , some of their culture was absorbed . Prayers to Tu'whacca and other Redguard deities became common .

    Later as the adventures continued he met the order of Sithis and was trained in the arts of Assasination after realizing not every race in Tamriel was kind and some completely ruthless , enslaving others . Killing them was justifiable behavior and became work for the greater good .

    Later a member of the Black Hand infected him with vampirism and changed his way of thinking . Not completely in agreement with Lamae Bal , he refuted the idea of spreading vampirism across Tamriel in defiance but held to Redguard philosophy against all things undead but also realized the benefit of immortality in completing goals of his own . He did not seek a cure but used this power to defeat evils within the Dominion and punish those who oppose others freedoms in other lands . Also to gain personal wealth ...

    To this day he is seeking riches to support those he shares a common interest with . This lead to an alliance with the thieves guild in Ali'kirr .
    Lone Wolf Help
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  • DocFrost72
    My character has a strong influence from their culture, but has some from other cultures too.
    An eccentric, magically and politically oriented breton who strives for perfection in the art of war and a bosmer female vampire who clings to the green pact heavily, lives in trees, and kills for a living. I'd say I'm close to stereotypes, but I always program one or two little quirks to keep it fresh.
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  • bewoodsy
    Soul Shriven
    My character doesn't have any influence, or takes things from each culture if they fit to their personal criteria.
    Im a Female High Elf Sorcerer, I have a fetish for male elves and humans :tongue:
  • Vampiresmile
    My imperial nightblade, just recently started. Is a dark brotherhood assassin working out of the Gold Coast. I chose the AD side because a. I've never played the area before b. Kate beckinsale and finally because I would like to think that I got rescued by AD forces and I stuck around out of gratitude for saving my life and didn't feel racially bound because of my neutral imperial choice
    Vul'Tuz. Imperial Nightblade. Vampire. Dominion.
  • Totalitarian
    My character has a strong influence from their culture, but has some from other cultures too.
    My main, an Altmer mage, shares the Altmer love of magic, but she also has taken up small scale Daedra worship, and practicing dark and Daedric magic. So she's not like other Altmer in that sense.
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  • BlackSparrow
    My character has a strong influence from their culture, but has some from other cultures too.
    I feel like this question is worded a little oddly. For me, my characters aren't influenced by their cultures so much as by their upbringings. Which, true, are connected to their cultures, since all grew up in their respective native provinces... but their individual experiences inform the details more than their cultures do.

    For example:
    • My Dunmer has a soft spot for Argonians. This is primarily because while growing up, her family was never around, so she was pretty much raised by her Argonian nanny, who had the foresight to teach her to see outside the narrow view of her people. Since then, the Dunmer is "meh" about the whole slavery debate, but at the sound of an Argonian in need, she jumps to help, despite her otherwise standoffish personality.
    • My Redguard still believes in most of the principles of her people (honor, respecting the dead, etc.), but is embittered toward some of the more dogmatic elements. She was ostracized at a young age for being born with a magical gift she had a hard time controlling, and her more superstitious neighbors straight-up considered her cursed. As such, she's bucked certain superstitions just to prove them that you could be a noble warrior even with magic (which is fortunate, because it would be REALLY hard to play the game if she believed in not harming the dead).
    • My Argonian (the Dunmer's aforementioned nanny) is pretty much a product entirely of her life experience more than her culture. She's an elderly lizard at this point, and has accumulated a lot of experiences to inform her decisions. She does still respect the old Argonian traditions, but she's been removed from Black Marsh for so long that few of them really apply to her anymore. Of far more import is helping people where she is... and if the Wyrd sisters in High Rock remind her of tree-minders, well, that is just all the more reason to listen to what they say.

    And the list goes on from there, but I think that's enough to get the gist.
    I am Queen of Typos. If you don't see "Edited by BlackSparrow" above this line, please assume my account has been taken over by scamps and react accordingly.

    My Girls:
    "Describe your house."

    Nephikah the Houseless, dunmer assassin: "It's a house. What more do you need to know than that? What, the human skull on my mantel? It's... a trophy."
    Swum-Many-Waters, argonian healer: "I live in a humble home in Bangkorai, where the sun warms my scales during the day and the sand glitters during the night."
    Silh'ki, khajiit warrior-chef: "This one enjoys her tree house in the jungle, and the Bosmer neighbors love her cooked fish!"
    Peregrine Huntress, bosmer archer: "Mine is a hunting lodge in the Stormhaven wilds. I like my privacy, especially during the full moon."
    Lorenyawe, altmer scholar: "I currently reside in a small apartment in Ebonheart, which is conveniently located near both the local Mages Guild and the live volcanoes I've journeyed across the continent in order to study. Why Dunmer choose to plant their cities in range of active lava flows, I have not the slightest clue, but it is nonetheless a boon for science, so I shall not judge. Out loud."
    Lorelai Magpie, breton thief: "I keep a couple hidey holes at inns all around Tamriel. You can never have too many hidey holes!"
    Rasheda the Burning Heart, redguard knight: "Swum-Many-Waters has been kind enough to open her home to me. Probably because she knows I would insist on it anyway, to better guard her."
    Hex-Eye Azabi, khajiit witch: "Khajiit has acquired a lair among humble Argonians. She knows nothing of the Daedric shrine in the backyard her neighbors are always complaining about."
    Yngva Stormhammer, nord bandit (reformed...ish): "I... sleep in a tent in Silh'ki's yard. Walls make me nervous. Don't ask."

    (Signature idea shamelessly stolen from Abeille.)
  • menedhyn
    I play several characters and so there is no 'best fit' answer for me.

    The lore in Elder Scrolls runs deep and, on occasion, is well documented. It can also be contradictory, biased or simply vague and open to interpretation. Lore certainly shapes and influences my characters, but I don't allow it to dictate or control if I think there is scope or merit in doing something slightly different. This means that I often play characters that broadly comply with the fundamentals of their race or culture, but with unusual or interesting twists. I try not to RP stereotypes. For example;
    • Menedhyn Bek is an old Breton with some skills in magic and potion-making. He generally dislikes being around other folk, though there are exceptions. He particularly dislikes the nobility of High Rock (including the pretenders or "those who prance around in posh frocks pretending they're rich an' important. Pah!" That said, he is fascinated by Argonian culture. Born in Wrothgar, he keeps himself to himself and has had no issues or conflict with the Orsimer - which is perhaps unusual given what went before. Most importantly, he prefers to spend time with nature and, in his own, curious way, 'worships' the beasts and the rock beneath his feet rather than the pantheon of gods. Hates war and unnecessary killing. An odd sort of fellow, but harmless.
    • My bosmer, daphanieth, is a scatterbrained, forgetful but highly intelligent and curious little thing with a penchant for books, poems, songs, literature and the written form in general. Playful, cheeky and frivolous, annoyingly so sometimes, she tries to adhere to the Green Pact. She often struggles with it and feels guilt at 'silly' things like possessing books made of paper. In her head, she knows Valenwood was to provide all that she needed, but she would prefer to take carrion than kill an animal for food. Another character who want no part to play in the Alliance War, and despite being cautious with her thoughts on Altmer, has no dislike of other races.
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    Menedhyn Bek - practitioner of hearth magicks; seeker of mystic runes
    Hides-in-Puddles (wanderer : spiritual healer) | Speaks-to-the-Mountain (shield bearer : crafter) | Creeps-like-Mist (mercenary : picks pockets)
  • Grayphilosophy
    My character has a strong influence from their culture, but has some from other cultures too.
    I would've picked the "Walking stereotype", but truth is my argonian is somehow more foreign than the typical stereotype as far as I can tell.

    He's a traditional tribe kind of guy, native to deeper inside the Black Marsh. He doesn't speak Tamrielic/"Common" very well, and often slips into Jel/"Argonian speak" every now and then. Also spends a lot of time marveling at all the odd cultural differences he finds when wandering around outside the marsh. It's great fun to play!
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  • Turelus
    My character has a strong influence from their culture, but has some from other cultures too.
    Although I have been very RP light in ESO I try to keep my characters somewhat in line with Dunmer culture.

    That stands only for RP work though, gameplay wise I didn't make many RP choices because it would make for a weaker character (not doing quests, not using some items etc.)
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
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  • Eekshnerf
    My character is from a race but their influence is from a different race and culture. (A Khajiit that lives in trees and sticks to the green pact)
    Strangely enough my character is the exact opposite of yours. A Khajiit who exhibits Nordic/Imperial customs/behaviors/speech patterns because he was orphaned and raised by Nords/Imperials in Bruma before he was sold into slavery to the Dunmer.
  • Mivryna
    My character is from a race but their influence is from a different race and culture. (A Khajiit that lives in trees and sticks to the green pact)
    Mivryna is a Daggerfall-born-and-raised Dunmer. Since she only grew up with her human father, she didn't have many Dunmeri role models growing up, and never really took on the culture in full. But she never quite fit into High Rock culture either. She did take on the silver politician's tongue and appreciation of cosmopolitan approaches to things, though.

    Ever since her rebirth into undeath as a vampire, her priorities have shifted toward more existential matters. Bal's daedric minions have made this invasion personal.
  • NocturnalGuideMe
    My character has a strong influence from their culture, but has some from other cultures too.
    This one is proud Khajiiti, born of a strong Khajiiti father, skilled with the short blades and bow and a glorified smuggler for a mother who never bothered to trim this ones short claws. After she was murdered by maormer during a supply run gone bad, this ones father became heartsick and frail. This one was left to raise himself, and after a time found his fathers old short blades in the closet, learned how to use them and to fight. Travelled to Valenwood to study with the Wood Elf Rangers in archery and being nimble and stealthy, fell in with a crew of Noctural worshippers and was using this as a platform to get the attention of the thieves guild. But this ones lack of caring found his father weak and vulerable during a raid and he was killed in cold blood. It changed this one. No longer did he want to follow, he wanted to lead. In a path of blood and shadows. He learned the secret art it would take to become a NIghtblade, and assassin for hire. With the morals his father gave him, and the cunning prowess and wit bred into him, he became a mercenary. This one changed his name to Dar'Dek Do'Tenurr. He contiunes his worship of Nocturnal on his own after the "Hour That Shall Not Be Spoken" during anger the night his father died, the news brought to him the worshippers camp.
    This life of shadows and solitude, murder and theivery has driven him a bit mad and he finds his studies turning towards learnig more about the Prince Sheogorat and His best friend is an Argonian who affectionately calls him "Kitty Kitty".

    He has bed many, but loved only one. Who he killed by his own hand for trying to put a finger where it didnt belong.

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    Dar'Dek Do'Tenurr
    Khajiiti Stamina Nightblade
    Master Thief, Dark Brotherhood Executioner, Former Dro m'Athra Shade
  • LuminaLilly
    My character has a strong influence from their culture, but has some from other cultures too.
    My Breton sorcerer is a wyrd sister who joined the ebonheart pact after the daggerfall army destroyed her home and killed her parents
    Firerock2 wrote: »
    The solution is simple; delete the Nightblade class and do not reimburse the people who play them.
  • adriant1978
    My character preferences are all the opposite to their culture. (A pacifist magician male Orc that prefers monogamy perhaps?)
    I have a Bosmer destruction mage who has never picked up a bow, doesn't enjoy being out in nature, and has been known to eat salad. :)
  • ListerJMC
    It depends on the character, some do and some don't.

    My main for example doesn't fit the arrogant Altmer stereotype, he's quite timid and lacks self-confidence. He doesn't adhere to the xenophobic stereotype either despite living in the Isles for most of his life, his loyalty lies with the Mages Guild so he's quite used to working with other races, cultures, and traditions with no problem. On the flip side he's a massive perfectionist, follows the divines, and is a mage which is probably the most stereotypical class an Altmer could be.
    PC NA | Victory or Valhalla | Altmer sorcerer main
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  • Kram8ion
    My toon has trouble fitting in to her armour let alone a stereotype that others will feel comfortable with
    Kramm stam NB elf with wood
  • Akselmo
    My character is from a race but their influence is from a different race and culture. (A Khajiit that lives in trees and sticks to the green pact)
    My argonian, being an ex-slave and freed only recently, is still fairly young and learning the world. He is being influenced by his dunmer partner, but most of the things go way over his head. But he loves to learn things, explore, so he is very open minded. When he visited Shadowfen he finally saw how it argonians live, but he didn't have any desire to live like them, but he liked their culture. Basically, he tries to do his own thing and is influenced by all the people and races he sees.
    Hun-Tra@Akselmo (EP-EU-PC)

    An avid fan of TES-series since 2005.

    Sorry if my English is a bit clunky.
  • starlizard70ub17_ESO
    My character has a strong influence from their culture, but has some from other cultures too.
    This one sneaks up on people from behind, kills them, takes their goods and re-sells the goods at a "previously owned goods" vendor. Sounds like perfectly normal Khajiit activities, no? ;)
    "We have found a cave, but I don't think there are warm fires and friendly faces inside."
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