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Comparison of 140 cp and 160 cp crafted sets

Dont get me wrong that why not just get 160 cp straight. Because its cheaper to craft a 140cp set thats all. So I was wondering how much difference in stats would it make for a tavar set? And I just hit 160cp, so am just building a base set to progress through.
  • SirAndy
    For armor, the difference is not that much, however, for weapons, the difference is significant ...
  • davey1107
    Well...a c150 set would be better than c140. And probably cheaper...level 10 mats are cheaper than level 9 now.

    I started my vet in c150 then replaced piece by piece. This was when c160 was reeeeeeeally spendy. Each piece of armor you lose about 100 armor, then a few points to all set buffs. And the enchants.

    All told, a c150 set puts your character down by like 700 armor, 200+ weapon damage, maybe 500 max resource and 30 recovery (depending on set buffs).

    But my biggest handicap in c150 was that I kept it all purple, because I didn't want to invest gold mats in it. So that was another huge drop in stats. When I moved from c150 purple to c160 gold, it was a massive difference.
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