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Nerevar Moon-And-Star

I returned to ESO today and decided to level up at a slower pace, experience all the lore and even read the books scattered about the world. I've noticed that there are some oddly placed books already just in bleakrock, but the most striking was finding Nerevar Moon-and-Star. For those who don't know, (perhaps don't read ahead) this book is first encountered during the Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and is handed to the player 50-75% into the main quest. The book is forbidden by the Tribunal because it refers to the conspiracy surrounding their ascension into godhood - that is, the Nerevarine did not die to wounds in Red Mountain but Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha-Sil killed him, uncovering their dirty little secret. But the events of ESO take part way before the events of Morrowind so how on Earth did it get here and if it's so easy to come by this book why haven't the Dunmer renounced the Tribunal yet?

For lore reasons, because the book is so heavily controlled by the Tribunal, I find it a little hard to believe that it would be randomly lying around on the Earth-Turner family's bookshelf in Bleakrock. Isn't this just a massive immersion breaker? Who thought it'd be a good idea to add this, of all books, into the Elder Scrolls Online world.
  • Metafae
    It makes sense for this book to be found outside Morrowind, and Bleakrock isn't part of Morrowind, yet close enough to be plausible that the book might be found there by someone who may have left Morrowind with it?
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Bleakrock is implied to be the backend of nowhere; that's why Captain Rana was posted there after her screwup. So Pact or no Pact, the Tribunal probably cares less what happens there.

    As for the book itself, it's a recording of a prophecy so it's not breaking the dragon for it to be there.
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  • nathanthehawkerb16_ESO
    The people who own the house are Nords and Nords have not long ended their wars with the Dunmer. It just seems very unlikely is all and quite poor placement.

    Have you guys noticed strange book placement in other areas or is it quite consistent with the area's theme, or the owner? If Bleakrock is atypical in that regard, that it contains quite a few strange books then I definitely accept that explanation. But if nowhere else really makes sense either I can't really accept that explanation :tongue:

    Still though I think it was careless to add a book that's essentially a spoiler lol
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