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Adding coloured text and images to your guild page/notes


A little guide I made on adding coloured text and icons to your guild homepage and notes! It's a great way to add expression to your guild note as well as making your Message of the Day easier to read.

Here's some example pictures:
Message of the Day:

How to:

Adding colour:

* Go to google and find the hexcode of a colour

* Copy ' |c#######text here|r ' into your note/MotD

* Paste your 6 character hexcode over the #s

* Change 'text here' to your own text

Adding images

* Find an image on, alternatively download Circonians TextureIt (to see object textures as well as UI icons)

* Copy ' |tX:Y:imagelocation|t ' into your note/MotD

* Replace X with your horizontal size and Y with your vertical size

* Paste your image location over 'imagelocation'

If you have any questions feel free to reply here or message me in game if you're on PC EU!
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    Is it the same for Consoles?
  • Synroth
    I can confirm the changing the colour of text works on console. However, I've never attempted adding an image.
    Edited by Synroth on January 27, 2017 6:46PM
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  • mwo1480
    Synroth wrote: »
    I can confirm the changing the colour of text works on console. However, I've never attempted adding an image.

    |t120:120:esoui/art/icons/|t worked for me, its a little baby netch, chancing it to 71 makes it a wolf

    Edited by mwo1480 on October 30, 2017 8:56PM
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  • Mendo
    esoui/art/icons/ mudcrab
    esoui/art/icons/ guar
    esoui/art/icons/ tan spider
    esoui/art/icons/ daedra imp
    esoui/art/icons/ dwemer spider
    esoui/art/icons/ white dog
    esoui/art/icons/ bantam guar
    esoui/art/icons/ daedra scamp
    esoui/art/icons/ ice-wraith head
    esoui/art/icons/ dwemer ball sentry
    esoui/art/icons/ dark grey panther
    esoui/art/icons/ goat-skull headed striped cat?
    esoui/art/icons/ fennec fox
    esoui/art/icons/ boar
    esoui/art/icons/ white goat
    esoui/art/icons/ dark grey daedra scamp
    esoui/art/icons/ netch calf
    esoui/art/icons/ tick?
    esoui/art/icons/ black goat white feet and face
    esoui/art/icons/ black bear cub
    esoui/art/icons/ white bear cub
    esoui/art/icons/ white tiger
    esoui/art/icons/ penguin duck
    esoui/art/icons/ mammoth
    esoui/art/icons/ blue winged-frog
    esoui/art/icons/ lion cub
    esoui/art/icons/ dark pixie
    esoui/art/icons/ honey badger
    esoui/art/icons/ badger cub
    esoui/art/icons/ sitting lion cub
    esoui/art/icons/ brown wolf
    esoui/art/icons/ wolf
    esoui/art/icons/ sitting black ??
    esoui/art/icons/ winged-snake
    esoui/art/icons/ curled-tail dog
    esoui/art/icons/ sitting white wolf pup
    esoui/art/icons/ black flat-faced dog
    esoui/art/icons/ tan flat-faced dog
    esoui/art/icons/ black fennec fox
    esoui/art/icons/ 4 butterflies
    esoui/art/icons/ black panther cub
    esoui/art/icons/ stretching tiger cub
    esoui/art/icons/ stretching psijic black panther cub
    esoui/art/icons/ tiger cub
    esoui/art/icons/ playful leopard cub
    esoui/art/icons/ head-turned tiger cub
    esoui/art/icons/ sitting lion cub
    esoui/art/icons/ standing white tiger cub
    esoui/art/icons/ red dragonfly
    esoui/art/icons/ blue dragonfly
    esoui/art/icons/ kagouti
    esoui/art/icons/ white cat licking paw
    esoui/art/icons/ meowing sabre cub
    esoui/art/icons/ black flat-nosed pup? 
    esoui/art/icons/ tan flat-nosed pup
    esoui/art/icons/ cricket
    esoui/art/icons/ cliff strider
    esoui/art/icons/ beetle
    esoui/art/icons/ armor-plated black dog
    esoui/art/icons/ armor-plated white dog
    esoui/art/icons/ tan cliff strider
    esoui/art/icons/ red coral crab
    esoui/art/icons/ yellow coral crab
    esoui/art/icons/ white lion cub
    esoui/art/icons/ psijic black cub
    esoui/art/icons/ vvardvark striped
    esoui/art/icons/ red stripes wolf
    esoui/art/icons/ boney glowing red eyes guar
    esoui/art/icons/ white black swirl panther
    esoui/art/icons/ white black swirl ??
    esoui/art/icons/ black skull cat
    esoui/art/icons/ light-brown mudcrab
    esoui/art/icons/ fire-lava wolf
    esoui/art/icons/ orange-splotched winged-snake
    esoui/art/icons/ green-splotched winged-snake
    esoui/art/icons/ winged-snake
    esoui/art/icons/ big-eared kitten
  • Beardimus
    Cheers @Mendo would you know the code for the Pact Logo by any chance?
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  • molly_y
    Is it possible to underline or bold text in the Updates or Background info for a guild?
  • Alienoutlaw
    Beardimus wrote: »
    Cheers @Mendo would you know the code for the Pact Logo by any chance?

    GM The GreenBloods PC-EU

  • Alienoutlaw
    also the easiest way to change and add colour to MOTD is this site

    not sure if you can also
    do this
    sort of thing
    Edited by Alienoutlaw on May 24, 2020 3:20AM
    GM The GreenBloods PC-EU

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