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One of my Friends Got Banned. Plz Consider it strongly.

One of my friends got banned. [snip] He's an exceptional player. He also number one on the leaderboards for most maelstrom and he obviously made a huge mistake and I know the mistake but will not say due to Zenimax Policies. He has been trying to get this appealed. He also understands that he is wrong. But to Perma Ban someone that has thousands of hours played on this game and absolutely love this game. He's way over max CP and has been playing this game since launch.

Zenimax has perma-banned multiple accounts and some if not most get their account back. We all remember [snip] others got unbanned for account sharing which is against the terms of service and in most games including Elder Scrolls Online results in a perma-ban. Also Hacking is against the terms of service. But a couple of month ago, people were using cheat engines and modding the game on PC and some of those players were unbanned. or either just suspended. He understands he was trolling just playing around and will abide and follow all rules and regulations from Zenimax.

I am vouching for this player. He's a good player and if your going to give people second chances [snip] then you should give my friend his a second chance. And if you guys don't then you need to ban people and not have any exceptions.

I am asking you Zenimax as a player who plays this game and who has spent a lot of money on this game as well to give him a second chance.


Please look at this. It's heartbreaking to even find out a game that you spent thousands (not hundreds) Thousands of hours on this game. and to find out your ban over a mistake is just sad. Please review and give him a second chance. I am vouching for him.

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  • Cadbury
    Your ''friend'', huh? ;)
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  • DannyLV702
    You won't get unbanned this way. I mean your friend. Yeah. Your friend.
  • Foreverxghosty
    If i was banned I wouldnt be able to post on the forums with this account.
  • yodased
    They take things like harassment seriously and ban people way faster for making someone feel bad than cheating in this game.

    Take the licks and move on or buy another account and don't mess with RP people
    Tl;dr really weigh the fun you have in game vs the business practices you are supporting.
  • Foreverxghosty
    he didn't get banned for harrassment
  • yodased
    He understands he was trolling just playing around and will abide and follow all rules and regulations from Zenimax.

    Whichever rule was broken, this type of thing is taken the most serious is all I'm saying. I doubt an appeal will do anything. And the forum account and the game account are linked, but not the same
    Tl;dr really weigh the fun you have in game vs the business practices you are supporting.
  • ZOS_CoriJ
    While it is admirable that you have taken the time to defend your friend, we cannot assist with in-game account related issues on the forums-- which includes bans and suspensions. (Nor can anyone tagged.) This must be taken care of by the Support team that handled his ban.

    Furthermore, as this is related to access for his account, the player will need to contact support himself to defend his own account with any relevant context. They will not accept discussions on this matter or release information about this with other users as this is ultimately confidential to his account.

    We would advise that he go to Support for any discussion. He can either respond to the initial contact on this matter or go to the top of this page, Select Login, and drop down to Suspended/Compromised. He can submit an appeal request if he wishes to speak with someone on behalf of his situation.
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