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Looking for a beginners guild

Hello everyone! I am a returning player that is looking for a biginners guild to help me get back in the swing of things. I have completely forgotten how to play this game (not that I was very good to begin with). One tamerial seems like a headache at the moment. I am grateful for any help and advice I can get. Thanks for your time. PSN Manny0208
  • Cornbread243
    Come join the Knightmare Saints. We are a division of The Patriarchs Community of Gamers and are geared towards guys in the Family Life. Managing Work, Wife, Maybe Kids, and Life can be a struggle and we get it. So if you have to leave in the middle of an epic battle, we understand and don't hold it against you. We're AWESOME like that!

    ESO is one of many games we play. We also host 5 Destiny Clans and a growing Division community. We are a very casual community with no playtime requirements. But we do have a few basic rules:

    1) Be at least 18
    2) We use Discord for communication throughout the entire Patriarch community. Don't worry it's a free app. This helps schedule game times and to get help with any questions you may have much quicker than other routes. This is Mandatory for all in the community
    3) NO Swearing/*** in Chats as there may be Kids within earshot and we strive to set an example for them
    4) Have Fun!

    If you are interested in joining up, you are welcome to send me a PM through PSN at Cornbread 243
    The Knightmare Saints
    Patriarch Community of Gamers
    PSN: Cornbread243
  • Elijah_Malos
    Welcome back to ESO. Feel free to contact me. Were a small new guild just playing to enjoy the game. Damien_271 is my PN
    Elijah Malos on PC (Retired)
    Daemon on PS4
    Illicitus Website:
  • Fudly_budly
    If you are PC NA... Guardians of Palelight is ~100 members with more than half joining in last two weeks. laid back. great place for newish players to get help figuring stuff out. message: @fudly_doright in-game for invite.
    Rule #1: RL trumps gaming.
    Rule #2: True immersion is RL.
    Rule #3: RL lag is wonderful.
    Rule #4: People matter. Pixels do not.
  • Vindictress
    Welcome to back to ESO. I too like Elijah said would like to extended a warm welcome and spot within our small guild. We are fairly new. Still learning some things. We would love to have ya. If interested either message Damien_271 or Trisqit is my PSN.
    Princess Vindictive - Templar - PS4
    Vindie - Nightblade - PS4
    Shyael Aeron - Sorcerer - PS4
    PSN: Trisqit

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