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Playing pvp

Hey so yesterday I was playing pvp and for some reason today it won't let me join any campaigns as a guest or home. Yesterday I played with 2 different characters of different factions and I had no problem. Now it's saying I have to wait like 3 days. Does that mean you can only do pvp once every 3 days? Also to set a new home campaign it says to wait 11 days. I have tried on both characters and it won't let me play pvp at all. Anyone know what's going on or if I'm doing something wrong?

Update: it's letting me play one 1 of my characters now but that's it. So do I have to delete this character in order to play pvp on a different one?
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  • Emothic
    No, what is sounds like to me is that you may of accidentally changed your home and guest to new campaigns. You're characters should not matter in you not being about to join into PvP. My only guess from what I can tell from your post is that you switched your home and guest campaign recently and cannot join the campaigns you want to be in.
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    You can play no problem. You just have to play where you played yesterday. The game doesn't like people campaign hopping because large guilds can ruin multiple servers.

    Your intentions seem to be fine, but in the large scale it's a necessary thing to preserve a semblance of campaign balance.
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