What cp lvl do I have to be to craft 160 food?

I am at CP495, and am only crafting lvl 150 and a recipe that is scalable to 160.

Anyone know the cut off?

  • SpAEkus
    All food/drink is max CP150 still, other than those Level 1 special recipes that scale.
  • Dagoth_Rac
    CP150 food scales based on player level. The food itself never goes above CP150. But a CP160 player eating CP150 food will see a higher tooltip and get more stats from that food than a CP150 player eating same food.
    Edited by Dagoth_Rac on January 13, 2017 10:11PM
  • Hot_spur
    This particular recipe I like says: scales 150 to 160.

    So if I understand, it's a 150 recipe, but the food gives me higher buffs above CP150, which I am.

    Zos, why do you make it so difficult to understand?

    RTFM doesn't apply. There isn't one.

    Thanks for your help, guys.
  • Reivax
    Hot-spur, find someone who is 150 and give them a batch of the food and compare what effect it gives vs what it gives you.
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