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Error 200:7:4:426:597 ("Question!" I meant to make this a Question)

Hi ESO Forums,

(I've discovered I should have made this a question.. but you can't undo things here, apparently...)
I've experience the Login Error 200:7:4:426:597 since approx 12/01/17 at 5pm(GMT+8). I use the EU Server.
Happened when I logged out of ESO temporarily, closed everything, then opened up and tried to log back in. Not working.
I have (in order) removed all add-on files, run about 2 repairs, checked login which failed, done an uninstall and reinstall (without deleting any folders), contacted support while that was happening (they responded to this with complicated directions which were seemingly for a Windows computer - I responded to the email my confusion), done a game consultant repair, checked login which failed, done one repair, checked again - failed, doing another repair now.

Anyone else having this problem?? It's almost the weekend!

Please help?
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  • Crilic3
    Update: I'm on my 4th repair since posting this. Fun times.
  • ZOS_PeterT
    If you experience "Error 200", it is usually due to a network error when trying to connect with our servers.

    First, you will need to disable your OS X Firewall. This will ensure the OS X Firewall is switched off during download and that any router firewall is not blocking it in some way. To do this, go to System Preferences, then Security & Privacy, then Firewall.

    Next, you will need to reset the DHCP lease (Please note: You should make a note of your current DNS settings so you can change it back, if needed!) You can do so by following the steps below:
    1.Go to System Preferences.
    2.Click on Network.
    3.Select the network you are connected to (indicated by a green circle).
    4.Click Advanced.
    5.Click Renew DHCP Lease.

    After that you will need to change your DNS settings to a public DNS server (non-ISP). To complete this, simply follow the steps below -
    1.Go to System Preferences.
    2.Click on Network.
    3.Double-click on the network you are connected to (indicated by a green circle).
    4.On the connection properties window, click the DNS tab.
    5.Use the "-" symbol to removed the DNS servers your connection is currently using.
    6.Now, use the "+" symbol to add new server addresses. A lot of times users have had some success using public DNS, like Google ( and This may not be the right one for you so we recommend researching online for the right one for you.
    7.Apply those changes and click OK.
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  • Powerhand
    Just resetting my DHCP did the trick for me. :smile:
  • Blacksheepart
    I've been having these issues as well, and these steps do not work.
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