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Oceanic - End Game - Vet Trials - Discord -


I'm personally sick and tired of waiting for someone to do this so I'm going to do it myself.

I'm a veteran ESO play since Beta with most content under my belt, with 500+ vMA clears on 3 different classes and placing leader boards weekly.
I'm based in Sydney Australia and want to help the community as well as my fellow Australians and even New Zealanders.

Discord: An app that let's you communicate via computer/phone/console, which will be particularly used in this instance to roster raiding nights.

The Link to join is as follows:

The conditions are as follows: Please be prepare to abide by these simple rules or be removed.

1. You must be from the Oceanic Region OR you're a super late US player, we don't want anyone signing up for Vet Trials if you WON'T attend when filling for a spot.
2. If your a healer you must have the following: Spell Power Cure, Worm, IA with the ability to swap in and out - IA is ideal but will not be critical if you don't have at this time.
3. If your a tank you must be PREPARED to lead the raid, you'll be a confident and experienced with whatever raid is currently going.
4. You must have a MIC, no communication while grouped up will lead many issues - If you don't have a MIC or don't wish to use it, if people complained that it was "Too hard" to raid with whomever due to this issue you're raiding permission will be revoked.
5. DPS must have adequate gear, I have no doubt this day and age 1 person will be running NMG on a stam.
6. Vet Trials will require a MINIMUM 400 CP + DPS / Tank with MINIMUM 500 + CP / Healer with 450 + CP there will be no exceptions, sorry.
7. Spamming rushing in discord General chat or causing issues, via harassment in game or in discord will lead to a deletion in Discord there will be no warnings.
8. Any manipulating of a roster which is currently being formed with your own name (because you missed out on a spot) will lead to an immediate dismissal of Discord.

We are an older and experienced generation with many of us in our late 20's into our 30's. We don't and won't tolerate people being rude or abusive.

Discord Permissions:

Discord permissions will be set as follows:

Raid Leader - Typically the tank, unless someone else is prepared to put their hand up with PLENTY of experience leading ESO trials. This will be granted once having a 5 minute chat. Your name will glow Orange.
Raid Ready - You're name now glows Green and will be flagged as Raid Ready to comment in RaidRoster section in discord allowing you to sign up to raids which people have posted. This will be granted again once a 5 minute chat has occurred.
CP GRIND - You're interested but not quite there, you may be seeking gear you may be grinding CP but you're still keen to join these groups you're name will glow Red.
Admin - Admins of discord your name will be purple and will act as moderators of chat removing comments or silliness that may occur.

There will be Rostered nights EVERY WEEK of EVERY DAY, it's at your SOLE discretion to sign up for what ever you want to do on whatever night, we have a substantial amount of people in our 3 guilds which can fill spots generally quite easily.

I look forward on seeing the responses and will start this as of today.

Please keep an open mind and try to have fun at the same time.

If you wanted you gold rings/neck this is the time to get it done.

Lukums1 - PS4
PS4 Yellow Scum Dominion
1600+ vMA runs and counting
Magicka Sorc - Flawless - 544k Score
Stam Sorc - Flawless - 559k Score
Stam DK - FLAWLESS 512k Score
Stam NB - 492k Score - Work in progress
Magicka Temp - 482k Score

The Ozmeric Dominion (Oceanic) Australian Based Guild

vMA "guru" - VHRC - vSO - vSOHM - vDSA - vAA - vMOL
The Maelstrom BIBLE for beginners/Flawless Achieve Below

You have vMA questions? Want a guide? Helping hand? PM me!

Returns after 6 months back to back flawless

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