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Imperial Trading Company Map of Tamriel

Hi guys!

Had a bit too much energy, picked up my pencils and drew a map of Tamriel. It's from the angle of the Imperial Trading Company, hence the stamps and the marked trading routes.

Also there's bits of information on terrain and elevation.

Have a look and cheers. =)

  • SantieClaws
    Most excellent!

    Yours with paws
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  • ZOS_DaryaK
    This is amazing, @boggo! This belongs in the Community Creations forum where I've moved it. :)
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  • menedhyn
    Good grief, I wish I could conjure up something like that when I have a burst of energy! Love it :)
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  • boggo
    Hi guys!
    Thanks for your kind comments. =)
    In the meantime I have made an even better looking PDF of the map. You can download it here:
    It's about 3.5mb in filesize and you will be able to print it out on DIN A3 just nicely.
  • Druachan
    That is very very cool
    Say please, before you AAAAAaaaarrrgghhh at me.
  • kenneth.friisb16_ESO
    I really like the style :smile:
    Very nice indeed! :smiley:
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  • Dreyfron
    Love it ;)
  • Beardimus
    How have i only found this now, that's mega @boggo

    I've been after an olde looking map of ESO Tamriel for a while this might fit the bill!
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  • boggo
    Hey @Beardimus ,
    Oh that's really nice of you. Please let me know how the printing works out! So excited! :)
    Actually I don't have any other maps in store. Not due to a lack of interest however, but due to no idea what map I should do.
    Do you have a suggestion? I'd love to draw a new map.
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