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Switched from PC to PS4

So, long story short, my friends pitched in and helped me get a PS4 for my birthday. We all played ESO for a while, but now my friends have all migrated to ARK and openly stated their intentions to probably never return to Tamriel. As such, I'm looking for a guild to play with.

I'm fairly casual when it comes to ESO (I enjoy questing and the occasional dungeon run). I have one character over 50 and several lower level alts. I play mostly in the evenings on weeknights, and see more playtime on the weekends. I have characters in all factions and bounce around regularly.

I think what I'm looking for is more of a social guild. I like the idea of small-ish "friends and family" type guilds. If you happen to be a member of one of those types of guilds that happen to be looking for a new member or two, let me know! Have a great day and see you in Tamriel!
  • Lukums1
    Hello Foob!

    May I ask what region you are in?

    We can def help you and get you sorted, but if you're not in the same time zone I'm afraid we won't be much help to you just due to the fact of such a massive difference between US and Oceanic.

    We are an Australian Based Guild GMT +10 with many active players.

    If you play LATE night and you're from the US I would suggest them highly, alternatively if you're just seeking a friendly guild overall I would honestly still suggest joining.
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    The Ozmeric Dominion (Oceanic) Australian Based Guild

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    You have vMA questions? Want a guide? Helping hand? PM me!

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  • Foobiscuit11
    Unfortunately, I'm in Central time American. So by the time I'd be logging on most nights, it would be close to 3 AM for you guys. Sorry!
  • pointd-o
    I Also just recently sswitched over to PS4 from PC-Na. Im on eastern time, currently just looking for someone to level up back to Vet levels with.
  • Foobiscuit11
    Bump because I'm still looking for a guild.
    Bump because I'm still looking for a guild.

    PSN message me JUGSoMILK. Our guild is a tradeing guild on PS4 NA. We do have weekly trader fees(5K) to help buy the trader but we are all chill. I think it's worth the $ for everyone. Just hmu if you want an invite.
  • Lacangel
    Foobiscut11 and pointd-o my psn is Lacangel. I have a social guild and would love to chat to you guys about it if you'd like. My guild also has a guild recruitment thread on here, "Rumbleroars Army" we should still be on the 1st page (:
  • Elijah_Malos
    If you guys are still looking feel free to contact me Damien_271
    Elijah Malos on PC (Retired)
    Daemon on PS4
    Illicitus Website:
  • Vindictress
    I too like Elijah said would also like to extended a warm welcome and spot within our small guild. We are fairly new, small and some still learning some things. We would love to have ya some of us play evenings and weekends as well. EST time. If interested either message Damien_271 or Trisqit is my PSN
    Princess Vindictive - Templar - PS4
    Vindie - Nightblade - PS4
    Shyael Aeron - Sorcerer - PS4
    PSN: Trisqit

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