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Returning casual player looking for guild

I've been away from ESO for a long time - since there were veteran ranks! - and recently returned.

I'm looking for a friendly, casual and social guild to call home. I prefer smaller closesly-knit groups to massive guilds with zillions of members.

I'm a 40 year old (now casual) mmo-gamer with a demanding RL job and 2 small children. This means I have limited gaming time at the moment. Sometimes I can be online every day. Sometimes I can't be online for weeks. When I am online I like to enjoy my gaming experience as a form of relaxation - not as a second job. So hardcore guilds are out, guilds who require certain online time or signups for different things are out.

I do like dungeons and world pvp. It's just very hard for me to comit to a schedule. Some years ago I used to raid in EQ II and WoW as a tank and dps.

I have a lvl 50 DK with 65 champion points - however I'm a total noob when it comes to builds, rotations and tanking. I'll happily give it a go as long as the ppl who join in don't mind wipes and giving a few friendly pointers.

Currently working on Caldwells silver and dont own any DLCs
  • Ariasel
    Hi Galtavok,

    look here: www.alithguild.com

    I joined Alith recently and I am happy with this guild. It is not a small guild.
    But it is not anonymous and you fast learn to know the active players.
    As a casual player in small guild I felt forced to join group activities even when I did not want.
    At the Alith guild we have a raid planer and nobody is forced to join.

    The players are very polite and friendly even when the whole group was wiped several times. ;)
    We have special learning raids for new PvE players. I learned a lot the last weeks.

    co online
  • nemo284b16_ESO
    Hey Galv,

    Not sure if you are still looking or have found a home yet but perhaps Greybeards and Gals is something for you.
    Check out https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/324051/greybeards-and-gals-eu-casual-social-guild#latest

    To quote the original Thief game: Join us, join us, join us now!
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