PS4 Future plans for Customizing our controls?

Soul Shriven
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I've been searching the forums about changing the controls in the PS4 version of the game, I found a few threads with very little information.

I know about PS4's Settings > Accessibility > Button Assignments console-wide global control assignments workaround:

But as you can see, the options are limited to only a few buttons. (No option button, no touch pad button, etc.)

I've dabbled in some coding and scripting myself, so I understand input managers and options menus are actually quite simple to implement (Maybe a day of work; up to a week.)
Of course, I can't possibly know how complex ESO's coding might be, but it shouldn't be too outrageous.

I was just wondering, with all the work and effort put into the current settings menu of ESO, are there any future plans to implement some sort of control scheme, control layout, button assignments, etc. like Skyrim, for example? Maybe one of the future update patches? Or, if not, is there a logical reason? Perhaps the on-screen tips aren't coded to check for the current button when displaying the "push this button to ____" notifications? To make it more comprehensive for new players? Who knows? But, from what I've found searching, I'm sure many players would appreciate it, as would I. This game is amazing, and an epic achievement in and of itself, but if I didn't care, I wouldn't care.

- Thanks

Edit: Probably not...
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