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HDD vs. SSD (PS4 Pro)


The sample of this benchmark is poor; I logged in just 3 times. Each time I logged into Wayrest, next to stables, using my main Tank build.

So load times from boot-up beep sound to character being visible in Wayrest:

Sandisk Extreme Pro 960 GB.
SSD: 2 minutes, 1 second.

HGST 1TB HDD (PS4 Pro default)
HHD: 2 minutes, 25 seconds

Take a loot at the attached PNG for extra information, such as how long was spent time in different phases.

In conclusion, you should save around 20% in loading times if you have an SSD drive. Not a massive difference, but difference anyways. Also the map seems to load a bit quicker all the time, including all the icons in it, but this can be just because I believe it to.

And no, I didn't spend 300 pounds to get a Sandisk SSD. This is a spare one used for testing.
  • Sugaroverdose
    Try to test it in alliance capital, and wait till NPC's appears, i bet difference will be more dramatic than 20%

    For some reason i decided that this test wasn't in capital, sry.

    thank you @Paha_Vaatturi it's really useful info
    Edited by Sugaroverdose on December 25, 2016 11:03PM
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