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Blackrose Cartel's 'RP Academy' public event thread

Greetings Vestige!

Did you take an arrow in the knee and have to postpone your plans to hunt down Molag Bal, solve Wrothgar crisis or become The Emperor of Cyrodiil and settle down a bit? Whether you want to become a criminal, mage, assassin, priest or anything else, it's roleplay you are looking for!

After months of rebuilding our guild, Blackrose Cartel is ready to become what it once was and go even further in its ambitions. We wish to return to the scene by organizing 'RP Academy' public events, an event where we plan to teach RP newbies, those who have never dabbled into RP but want to learn and/or try something new, and those who are RP veterans but want to see if they can learn more about basics of roleplay and even some advanced aspects of it.

Blackrose Cartel is an old guild that has been isolated for a long time from the rest of the RP community and thus has developed some habits, rules and solutions that differ from those of other guilds you might encounter, so thus you will have a unique chance to learn from a guild that in its time ruled the RP scene and aspires to do it once again.

The event will take place in Dhalmora (Bal Foyen region, Ebonheart Pact), and the date and time of the event will be posted later, so keep an eye on this thread to not miss the event!

For any questions, feel free to ask on this thread and I will try to respond as fast as possible ;)

- Xeirseus, founder and leader of Blackrose Cartel
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