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Add New Life to PvP - Make Cyrodiil Great Again

Sorry this is a long one. In the spirit of #MakeCyrodiilGreatAgain, the awesome video by @Etaniel and the really nice post here by @Joy_Division , I thought I would suggest some other items to re-energize PvP and/or spread out the fights. I know some of these have already been suggested before, but maybe the constant visibility on the forums of the PvP communities want for change and our willingness to give ideas might push some changes along. Most of these changes likely wouldn't involve all that much work, at least that is what I was going for. Idk, I just want to make PvP great again. This game for me has been the closest thing to DAOC I have found, but it has gotten somewhat stale, and population is down a lot. I feel it could easily be re-energized with some changes to existing work and some re-imagining. There just needs more depth and more use of the other beautiful areas on the map - there is lots of room to spread out if only there were things going on out there. This would also certainly help with the lag. With all the competition coming in, Crowfall and CU, I can't understand why more attention to PvP hasn't been given lately. Anyways here goes:

- Have your home campaign bonuses, strictly from holding scrolls, apply to that character in the PvE world. This might get some of those PvE players interested in joining the war and ones that already do both more committed to holding gains in Cyrodiil. As scrolls do not flip as often as keeps.

- Increase campaign rewards for winning, and add in new random gear sets, like ones added in 1T. Not more Fury or Marksman, I already have 5x of each. I can't even give them away at this point.

- Make the existing capturable towns generate gold over the length of the campaign. Each time interval it is held produces a specific amount of gold. Call it a "tax" for the towns citizens, and the gold gets put into an "Alliance Bank" that gets divvied out at the end of the campaign in addition to the regular rewards. This gives more incentive to capture and hold them.

- Make additional POI like Chorrol, or Hackdirt capturable, and serve a purpose for capture as well. Maybe they increase wall defensives of the keep nearby by a signficant amount if your alliance holds that keep. Or count towards the campaign score, or maybe also generate end of campaign gold. Maybe makes these non-teleportable so you have to travel to them on horse, see next idea.

- Create a new scouting quest that requires going to X town, or Y small-capturable POI that your alliance currently owns and staying there for ~10 mins. With the goal that you play a scout, either engage hostiles that show up or point out enemy movement to the zone chat. Maybe after a lot of these completed quests you get the title of "Scout of Aldmeri" to brag about.

- Make the churches and priories in Cyrodill grant some sort of bonus, like 3% to crit chance for an hour, if you go and visit them and pay a small AP gift. Like a pilgrimage to RNGesus. Maybe you might run into opposing players on your way, or at the location.

- Make some random mobs in the PvP overworld much stronger and drop worth-while loot, like nice gear sets, random mats, cosmetic skins, or gold tempers/tannins. These are mobs already in the world, like the trolls by one of the keeps, that one-off gargoyle that is in the middle of nowhere, that really small random fenced-in graveyard full of ghosts, that one mountain lion that you can't damage or that dragon thing guarding the raised bridge to IC. These exact mobs are already placed in Cyrodiil. Make these hard fights, and require 5-10 people over like five minutes. Somewhat like the group bosses in PvE, but more of a raid. This might produce PvPvE raid parties in less used parts of the cyrodiil overland map.

- Make AP worth something. Like AP to buy some mats, either raw material or upgrade material, but at fairly high costs.

- Official DAOC-like Herald. Have the campaigns listed, the top scorers from each class and each alliance. Top guilds, idk. Build up some realm pride.

The Cyrodiil map is so large and full of all sorts of small POI, random mobs, and beautiful scenes, that just don't ever get used. I simply don't understand what the initial point of placing all of these things in Cryodiil was if there's no incentive for us to use them, or to be there. AP simply needs to be worth something, I have well over a million AP but with nothing exciting to spend it on. Let us buy mats, buy tempers, buy random skins, etc with our AP. You could make these items cost a ton of AP for all I care. I just don't like pure PvE, most of my guildies do not either. Most of us have ESO+, we are paying monthly, and we only PvP. I hate having to leave Cyrodiil to grind in the safety of PvE to get things solely to improve my time in PvP. Let me grind in PvP, where I like to play, to improve my play in PvP. But it is getting stale, it needs some new life. #MakeCyrodiilGreatAgain.
  • Saint_Bud
    Nice ideas.
    I just dont like the pvp buffs in pve, because players will choose empty buffcampains as home like in the old days and not play pvp.
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  • Manoekin
    Saint_Bud wrote: »
    Nice ideas.
    I just dont like the pvp buffs in pve, because players will choose empty buffcampains as home like in the old days and not play pvp.

    I wouldn't even mind that. Raiding buff servers were pretty fun usually, and with the low amount of campaigns right now it'd be hard to do. It would just outrage the PvE community because they'd feel the need to PvP in order to be competitive in PvE. I remember all the EP PvErs crying about how it wasn't fair they were the only faction without consistent buffs.
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  • Vurian97
    Having buff servers wasn't the worst. Haderus had been a DC buff server and I played as EP on it just because it offered a small / medium scale PvP environment instead of a large-scale like the active campaigns did.

    It isn't necessarily bad for buff servers to be a thing, but it is also not necessarily a good thing either.
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  • Kutsuu
    Would love some daoc-like stats, like solo kills, killing blows, /stats.

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  • RandomName123
    Saint_Bud wrote: »
    Nice ideas.
    I just dont like the pvp buffs in pve, because players will choose empty buffcampains as home like in the old days and not play pvp.

    That's a good point I didn't consider. I guess in order to limit that side effect they'd have to have campaigns qualify for this buff. Perhaps only apply to campaigns where activity levels from all 3 alliances were above a certain threshold during the last period, or last 7 days, or something to that affect. I only play Xbox so that would probably only include Haderus, Scourge and BWB. Might just be too much trouble.
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