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PVP NB Saptank - 1T build

This is the pvp version of my Sapnar Lothbrok build -

There's a few changes. Main one is dropping second sword and board for resto. May try destro at some point. May also try double sword and board with necropotence if I can ever be bothered to farm or buy it. Also, I am vampire.


Max Magica – 34488
Max Health – 31712
Max Stamina – 20456
Magica Recovery – 1486
Health Recovery – 417
Stamina Recovery – 591
Physical Resistance – 26509
Spell Resistance – 27235
Spell Damage – 3290
Spell Crit 32%

These are all on my main bar, which is where I spend all my time anyway. Spell damage is with major sorcery and the wrath passive kicked in.

Atronach mundus, tri stat food, Immovable + health pots

Gear sets

Head: Grothdarr – Heavy – Sturdy– Prismatic enchant

Shoulder: Grothdarr - Light – Sturdy – Prismatic enchant

Chest: Kagernacs – Heavy – Impenetrable – Prismatic enchant

Hands: Kagernacs – Heavy – Impenetrable – Prismatic Enchant

Waist: Bloodthorn Touch - Light - Impenetrable - Prismatic Enchant

Legs: Kagernacs – Heavy – Impenetrable – Prismatic enchant

Feet: Kagernacs - Heavy - Impenetrable - Prismatic Enchant

Sword: Bloodthorn Touch – Sharpened – Spell Damage enchant

Shield: Kagernacs – Impenetrable – Prismatic enchant

Resto staff: Kagernacs - Defending - Spell Damage enchant

Neck: Bloodthorn Touch – Arcane – Spell damage

Ring: Bloodthorn Touch – Spell damage

Ring: Bloodthorn Touch – Spell damage

I lose Bloodthorn touch on back bar, but not doing any direct damage so no big deal. May swap Bloodthorn and Grothdrarr with Vicious Death and Engine Guardian. Will update if I try it. If you don't want to farm bloodthorn (as nobody does so you can't really buy it) then any sustain set would work. Desert rose, lich etc


Impale - Execute

Sap Essence – Major sorcery, AOE damage, group healing and how we keep our stam with multiple People on us.

Inner Light – It’s there for the 7% magica and added regen. As we’re in heavy, the extra crit is welcomed too. More damage means more healing.

Lotus fan - Way to get into group quickly or stay on someone

Swallow soul – Our main spammable on single target.

Ult: Soul Tether - Big aoe damage. Stun. Gives youa lot of health back.

Restoration Staff:
Mist Form/Summon Shade/Relentless focus - Swap these around a lot. First two for mobility and getting out of things, Relentless focus for more damage.

Aspect of Terror - Best CC in the game

Healing Ward - Oh crap heal and heal for other group members

Siphoning strikes – This is what enables a saptank. It’s the best skill in the game by far for me. I use it on any NB build pretty much. Gives back incredible resources. I can finish fights with full magica and stam bars sometimes. It’s crazy, it really is.

Double take – 20% dodge chance which is nice. Also gives us Mobility.

Ult: Veil of blades – Amazing skill. Damage reduction for all team members standing in it by 30%. Does a lot of damage. Extra health for slotting it (shadow passive). Group can hit a synergy for a big heal too.

Champion points
Tower – 55 Magician
Lover – 65 Arcanist
Shadow – 17 Shadow Ward / 20 Tumbling

Apprentice – 37 Blessed / 25 Elfborn / 85 Elemental Expert / 30 Spell Erosion

Lady – 17 Thick Skinned / 65 Hardy / 55 Elemental Defender
Lord – 20 Quick Recovery
Forgot tree name, but also 20 Resistant

I have great fun using this. People always read you wrong. They assume you're just a perma block tank. Which you are. You can. But you also do great damage. Get in a group, sap a few times, hit magelight for empower, soul tether, impale to execute the low health ones. It's a great small group build for fighting other groups. Does great fighting big groups as the more people you sap, the higher the chance to proc siphoning - which you always have to keep up or you have no stam and you die. It isn't great at solo play, but you can still get stuff done. Definitely not an easy build as bar swapping for siphoning and fear leaves you vulnerable, but it a lot of fun.

Any questions, just ask.
Edited by Brrrofski on December 13, 2016 11:46PM
Xbox One EU
  • Brrrofski
    Double post

    Edited by Brrrofski on December 13, 2016 10:39PM
    Xbox One EU
  • Countcalorie
    Awesome Build but wouldnt mirage be better than double take? Also what race are you for this?
  • Brrrofski
    Mirage gives you shy of 1k resistances. Double take gives you speed for 4 seconds. Both are good. I prefer double take so you don't waste Stam sprinting everywhere.

    I'm imperial. Argonian will be fine though. Night have to invest a few attributes into stamina. But the potion and healing passives on argonian are really good for the build. Kind of wish I was one to be honest.
    Xbox One EU
  • Kerioko
    I run an Argonian PVP sap tank. Our gear set-up is a little different as I run a defile build (5 durok's bane/5 fasalla/2 Malubeth), but our skill set-ups are pretty much identical.

    The only thing different is I run Blessing of Restoration instead of ward. I find this a much better burst heal than ward as it provided support for your group along with giving an instant heal instead of a heal that is based on your shield holding up.

    I also tend to use funnel health instead of swallow soul for the added group healing.

    For PVE, I run 5 Ebon/5 Sanctuary/2 Troll King and have no problem tank healing 4 man vet dungeons.

    Anyway, nice build!
    Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets - Argonian mNB Tank/Heals (PVP)
    Strawberry Semifreddo - Dunmer mSorc DPS // Sunny D-Light - Breton mTemp Heals
    Peanut Butter Sandwich - Orc sDK DPS // Kellogg's Frosted Flakes - Argonian mWard Tank/Heals (PVE)
    friendship - integrity - perseverance
  • Waffennacht
    I just wanted to chime in that this was an inspirational thread for my build.

    It's a heavy dps NB similar to yours but more focused on dealing damage.

    Thanks for the build!
    Gamer tag: DasPanzerKat NA Xbox One
    1300+ CP
    Battleground PvP'er

    Waffennacht' Builds
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