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Activity finder BROKEN!! AGAIN!!! AS ALWAYS!!!

Groups of 5, instant disbanding of groups... etc etc... FIX PLEASE!!
  • Rittings
    C'mon Zenimax. Get your crap together and fix this. Just grouped and ALL four of us were removed from the activity instantly (random dungeon). None of us knew what dungeon flashed up... it didn't pull us in... and all of us got slapped with a 15 minute penalty...

    This is disgusting that this group finder REMAINS BROKEN for the best part of a year now.... You Zenimax, are getting reviewed poorly on the Better Business Bureau online site... nice job.
  • outsideworld76
    Zenimax doesn't give a *

    [edited for profanity masking]
    Edited by ZOS_CoriJ on December 18, 2016 7:33PM
  • Daganerabus
    Call a "Khajiit Lawyer" - He is slick, stealthy, clever, agile.

    See how fast you get answers then. :)
    Edited by Daganerabus on December 19, 2016 4:24PM
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