Need advice for several small account glitches

I have several small glitches in my account, and need advice for fixing them.

* Endless Hail will not progress beyond 3 and a half on one of my characters

* Panacea will not progress beyond 3 and a half on another character

* A third character, a Level 7, has a level 3 bow and a petty soul gem, yet she can't charge the bow. I could make a new one, or upgrade, but that doesn't address the challenge of not being about to charge something.

I think these three glitches may be symptomatic of a larger issue. If anyone else has experienced and fixed similar issues, please let me know how you did it.

David ~ Deedleqwerty
~Deedleqwerty [PS4] / NA
Aldmeri Dominion - Wardevils
See you in Cyrodiil
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