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United Hunters Of Tamriel - seeking more friendly players of all levels & experience

United Hunters Of Tamriel is new and fast-growing PvX - guild. We do stuff together daily, including dungeon delving, World-Boss - hunts etc.
What differs us from others, is our genuine aim to help each others and be there for dungeon / leveling buddy!

We are actively seeking players that are friendly, relaxed and willing to help other guildies.
Our guild bank is in free use and we have a guild trader.

You can be battle-hardened veteran, who has defeated Molag Bal numerous times, or you can be newcomer, who just espaced coldharbour first time - We are all equals and anybody is free to join us!

Whisper me or send me in-game mail @Olen_Mikko for more information, let's hunt together :)
NB enthusiastic:
  1. Woodhippie stamblade - DW hard-hitter / PvE
  2. Know-it-all elf Magblade - Healer / PvE & PvP
  3. Hate-them-all elf Magblade - Destrostaff AoE monster / PvE
  4. Cyrodiil-Refugee stamblade - Stamina Tank / PvE

Go dominion or go home

Nightblade-Hipster. I played Nightblade before it was cool - from 1.5 onwards.
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