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Brand new Guild "Tea Party Debauchery" starting up! [PVE / Social]


We are Tea Party Debauchery, a brand new Ebonheart Pact guild, but we can take any alliance since we'll
mostly be focusing on being a social and a PvE guild.

For now we are low in numbers, but we hope to fix that!
A group of friends running Daily Pledges, Dungeons and farming gear together.
One thing that we don't do is PvP. None of us have much experience and doubt we'd do it frequently.
You're free to try and change that however!

We're making this guild so we can form a larger group of people that wants to do the same.

Content includes bot not limited to:
-Having a grumpy tank
-Crude humor
-Farming gear
-A silly tabard ( TBA )
-Low chance of ever acquiring a Guild Trader
-And more to come!

Who are we looking for:
-Anyone who wishes to join really. If you're an experienced player, or just staring out , we can surely get along.
Don't be afraid to join if you're new to PvE content, we also plan on being a social guild, but if you want to try
PvE and have no experience? Well, then you die. Well actually we don't mind, we just want to have fun and chill,
try stupid builds, and such. None of us are exactly pro either.

What is expected of you:
-Don't be a ***

Simple enough? If you wish to join up shoot @tralolta a mail or a whisper if I'm online.
Then you have to beat me in combat atop Ash Mountain.
Also, that is a lie.

We'll get a guildlaunch site if we rise in numbers but for now, this.

Take care.
Edited by TraLOLta on December 4, 2016 4:27PM
Staminga Nightblade Khajiit DPS J'Catt (~45k on a 6 mil dummy)
Can't play anything else.
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