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Saving all of coldhardbor

So I didn't know you could save stibbens and co. All I knew was saving all the people in the south west and east of hollow city. The question I have is if you do every single quest possible in coldharbor before the final battle, (aside from the occasional quest reward), when people return to the hollow city, do they do anything special?
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  • EleonoraCrendraven
    The more people you save the more people are returning to the city. I don't know if certain vendors are only available after rescuing specific NPCs.
  • SunfireKnight86
    No. It makes literally no difference besides occasionally adding a background NPC or two to the city.

    Coldharbour is one of the worst designed zones in the game. The mechanics are half assed, the quests are uninspired, and it lasts about 10x longer than it should to hold tension. Really a letdown with all the other excellent fixes ZOS has done to the game, and somewhat of an artifact from the days of veterans ranks. (Wherein every zone after your last alliance zone became a boring, pointless grind)
    Edited by SunfireKnight86 on December 24, 2016 11:12PM
  • Ironclap
    The Stibbons quest was quite funny, worth the effort. I did all of them just to get all the story content and some more XP.
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