Looking for a Pact Cyro Focused Guild

I'm looking for a military style Pact Cyro guild that:

1. Runs in Trueflame nightly or almost nightly.
2. Has everyone in TS or some voice server at least.
3. Practices useful, tight combat comms.
4. Demonstrates good battlefield discipline and only does those YeeeeeHaaaa charges over the hill when the leader orders them to.
5. Can set up a proper ambush to catch the enemy when they Yee Haaa in an ill advised manner ;)

I'm not a great player but I do follow orders, support my comrades as best I can, and I don't whine - seeking network or game design scapegoats - when I die.

And, although this post certainly fails to demonstrate it, I have a good sense of humor, especially when things go Tango Uniform, as they often do :p

PM me if you think I might fit with your crew. Thanks!
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