"Swords R Us" new Pve Guild is recruiting active members! (all factions, all levels!)

Are you tired of being unable to find a full group for daily pledges/ dungeons?
Are you tired of less than stellar random groups?
Are you a new or solo player looking to take on some group content?

If you answered "yes!" to any of the following, Swords R Us may be the guild for you!

Swords R Us is a brand new guild formed by real life friends and family. We are small at the moment (5 members), but are looking to bolster our ranks.

The goals of the guild are as follows:
1. Develop an active, social roster to consistently run dungeons (for pledges, farming, etc)
2. Run a variety of contests and raffles.
3. With enough members, run weekly trial events.
4. Develop a tight knit group for learning, and clearing vet trials.
5. Acquire, and maintain a successful guild trader.

If you have been looking to kill all the things, and looking for a good group of people to do it with, this might be the place for you!
Message guildmaster on psn for an invite. Psn: Silumgahr.

We look forward to running with you!

(Please note that this is a new guild, as such our numbers aren't the highest so it might take a bit to take off. Don't join just to leave right away)
  • Silumgahr
    Update: 17 members and counting! Message Silumgahr to join today!
  • Silumgahr
    Update: Up to 24 members! We hope to start planning trials runs next week.

    Look for us on Facebook @ Swords R Us (eso)
  • Amp151
    Hello I'd like ta join. Cp 431
    Psn: JuggaloAmp
  • Toomdad
    What time frames are you all typically on or thinking about setting up the events for?
  • Psychpsych13
    I'll join if you're still recruiting.

    PSN: Psychpsych13
    CP: 490
  • Kinkysaurus
    I'll join if still recruiting. Cp 230 (ever changing) Templar healer looking mainly for trials and vet dungeons. PSN : Runzwitskizzors
  • Silumgahr
    Toomdad wrote: »
    What time frames are you all typically on or thinking about setting up the events for?

    Thanks all for your interest! Invites will be sent out momentarily. We seem to be most active during the evenings on weekdays and all weekend. Big events like trials will most likely be ran on the weekends.
  • dasaybz
    Can I please get an invite
  • consumed-by-fire
    Soul Shriven
    I interested I just sent you a psn msg
  • Silumgahr
    dasaybz wrote: »
    Can I please get an invite

    What's your psn?
  • Toomdad
    I'll take an invite too, thanks. Psn is the same as my username.
    Edited by Toomdad on December 12, 2016 1:09AM
  • Silumgahr
    I'll send an invite shortly! Welcome!
  • Jim_Berry
    I'm a returning player. New character, though. PSN: Jim_Berry. I mostly play late nights.
  • thigh997
    Would not mind an invite :)

    PSN: rattikan1970

  • Silumgahr
    All requested invites are sent out! Thank you all for your interest!
  • HrolleifTheUnbroken
    Shoot me an invite. I'm looking for a guild to run undaunted dailies and dungeons with.

    PSN: robert-i

  • Pirsius
    Can't get enough of good 'ole Super Sorc, get me on that member list.
  • Dumuzi777
    Soul Shriven
    PSN Dumuzi777 - just started over on PS4 after PC, having to relearn the game after an extended absence
  • Lucky_spb
    Soul Shriven
  • Silumgahr
    Invites all sent out, welcome all!
  • ddpmacho
    Any chance I can get an invite?
    PSN - ddpmacho

    PS4 - NA
  • Eauxdi
    I'd like to join please
  • randomgamer84
    Soul Shriven
    Can you send me an invite?
    PSN: randomgamer84
  • RunningGargle
    Soul Shriven
    Just starting up again and looking for an invite! PSN - RunningGargle
  • DrStrychninexX
    Soul Shriven
    Any chance I could join? I am lvl 39 at the moment still trying to learn all what the game has to offer. I will send psn message as well. Thanks :)

    PSN: Dr_Strychnine_xX
  • RMustang
    Soul Shriven
    Can I get an invite? PS4 The_Jewski
    "Riding a guar naked through an Argonian temple."
  • joebauer83b14a_ESO
    Can I get an invite??? Looking to get into some veteran dungeons. I am only CP 203, but still getting CP levels and wanting to get into some groups that can help me learn how to optimize my rotation/dungeon fights. Having poor luck with pug groups. Main as a Magicka DK and also have a Stamblade.

    PSN: Idahomafia
  • Oremus0205
    PSN: ejunger
  • theAinLiGiBiT
    Soul Shriven
    PSN: jadenabelstrahan
  • ragin007
    Soul Shriven
    Can I get an invite? Psn RYouMadThough
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