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Unable to log out of current character

Just completed update and hard reset my console, I logged in to do my writs. Once I completed them, I tried to log into a diff. Character to do provisioning writs. Unfortunately was unable to log out had to relaunch game. Anyone else having this problem?
  • HaloGod
    I'm also having this issue, but only if the log out countdown occurs. It will get to 0 and just sit there. If there isn't a logout counter, then it logs out fine.
  • NewBlacksmurf
    I cannot log out either. Tired a hard back in...same results

    Something is wrong with this update.
    Ticket# 161129-001387

    Realistic solution:

    Open chat log and type /logout.
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    ~<{[50]}>~ looks better than *501
  • HaloGod
    Submitted a ticket as well. Ticket #161129-001529
  • White wabbit
    White wabbit
    Oh thank god I'm not the only one
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