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Guild wars good idea? New pvp mechanic

This new pvp mode has its own server so it doesn't affect cyrodiil, this new mode allows guilds to face off against Eachother in large scale combat, you start off on a huge 2 story bridge over a large river of lava, titans flying around, 2 different gates at both sides of the bridges each with their own flag, the objective is to capture the opposite flag at the same time protecting your guilds flag. There will be death so a few people will be left standing still having to cap the flags, if you obtain both flags a chest appears at the center of the bridge granting your entire group new sets, weapons, skins, costumes, only available in this pvp mode. Good idea or no? This game needs some fun
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Guild wars good idea? New pvp mechanic 8 votes

Yes yes yess
Vurian97Ghost-Shotbellanca6561nku5hNACtronTheDominion 6 votes
MojomonkeymanAstanphaeus 2 votes
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